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Gay Hookup App User Stunned By Outraged Response He Gets After Complimenting Guy's Eyes

Interacting with someone on dating apps can be highly erotic, sometimes amusing and often disappointing.

Even though online dating can be a mixed bag, it doesn't deter people from looking for a night of debauchery–or something more substantial like, gasp, a relationship.

But unfortunately, there are times when navigating love online can be a toxic experience as it was for one Grindr user whose interaction with a guy ended disastrously before it even began.

Grindr user @codycotyc shared what not to do on the gay hookup app based on a personal experience.

"Don't never compliment nobody's eyes."

Because this is what happened.


"You have nice eyes," wrote Cody.

But instead of making the recipient blush, the compliment was met with unrestrained rage.

"F'k you," wrote the anonymous user, adding, "You're better off saying nothing a**hole."

He then insulted Cody, asking him, "Ugh how did you make it to 32 without getting repeatedly punched in the face?"

He ended his rant with, "Jesus f'king christ. Good luck with the rest of your life."

Someone was clearly having a bad day.

Cody was not the only one whose jaw hit the floor based on the reaction.

This person shared their Grindr horror story.

Cody's experience inspired experimentation.

Theories were shared.

Ahh, the joys of online dating.