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Viral Video Of A Guy Using A Straw To Bore A Hole Through His Hot Dog Ends With A Bizarre Twist

At a recent Major League baseball game, a Yankees fan was spotted making innovative use of a hot dog in combination with his ballpark beer.

What he did... well...

It's...hard to describe.

Let's just roll the tape:

In the video, the man uses his actual straw to hollow out a ballpark hot dog and turn it into a straw.

He then uses the new hot-dog-with-a-hole-in-it as a straw to drink his beer.

Does beer need to drunk through a straw? Not the point, here, as there are obviously other questions on people's minds.

Over on Twitter, it of course started off with the risqué humor.

It then quickly turned divisive.

There were those who took his actions as a sign of the dying morals of our times.

However, a larger and more vocal group chimed in to support the man's innovation.

The official Twitter for Nathan's Hot Dogs even added to the "pro" side.

Other people took the opportunity to reminisce about terrible food combinations they had witnessed at sporting events.

And lastly, there was a group that focused on the real issue at hand.

The guy's plaid Yankee's hat.


Affront to God?

A man who wants to get all the flavors of a ballpark hotdog and beer at once?

We got no real answers, but he certainly caught people's attention.