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Sexual Assault Survivor Absolutely Shreds Guy Who Mansplains Why She Needs To Be 'Braver' On Their First Date

Miodrag Ignjatovic/Getty Images, @peoplepersson/Twitter

After a first date from hell, a sexual assault survivor gets real on Twitter as she breaks things down for her mansplaining date.

Dating is hard enough as it is, but Twitter user Ericka Persson recently learned it's even harder when your date is a complete and utter tool.

Persson, a digital campaign manager in Brooklyn, took to Twitter to share an all too familiar story about an all too typical date she had last week.

Even though the date itself didn't last long, Persson's company for the evening managed to hit the A-hole trifecta — trying to pressure her to do something she didn't want, ignoring what she was saying, and telling her how to feel.

But the icing on the cake was her date's advice that even though Persson is a survivor of sexual assault, she should be "braver" about opening up to new people...especially nice guys like him.

This one sounds like a keeper.

Done with being ignored, pressured and told how to feel, Persson broke down what real bravery is for her mansplaining date.

And Twitter had Persson's back, offering support and applauding her display of actual bravery.

As well as a lesson in bravery, Persson's story also serves as a perfect example as to why it's time for men to stop explaining and start listening.