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Stormy Daniels Says She Regrets 'Body Shaming' Trump In Her Book—But Only To A Degree

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Yesterday, Stormy Daniels sat down with Liz Hayes of 60 Minutes Australia to talk about her tell-all of President Trump. Surprisingly, the interview included a bit of remorse.

When speaking to Hayes about her experience with Trump, Stormy Daniels confessed that she felt bad about her now-famous description of Trump's genitals.

Daniels' book, Full Disclosure, describes Trump's penis as resembling the mushroom character, Toad, in Mario Kart.

"[Trump] knows he has an unusual penis. It has a huge mushroom head. Like a toadstool … I lay there, annoyed that I was getting fucked by a guy with Yeti pubes and a dick like the mushroom character in Mario Kart ..."

When first leaked, the description prompted memes across the internet, most of which detailed how the childhood Nintendo game was now ruined.

But yesterday Daniels told Hayes that she regrets what she said.

"I actually feel pretty terrible about it."

Daniels continued to clarify the reason for her remorse.

"In a way, it's body shaming and I feel like if I could go back and write the book [again], I think I would have left those details out. I justify it in a way to myself, even now, saying 'this is a man who said much worse things about women multiple times,' so here's a taste of your own medicine, asshole."

Stormy concluded by saying that her intention was not to hurt Trump.

"No, I did not want to hurt him. My intention was for people to stop hurting me."

Stormy recounted her full experience with Donald Trump to Ms. Hayes.

She described how the affair first got started, but made it clear that she was not accusing Trump of taking advantage of her.

"I'm a victim of myself. I never said, 'No, don't touch me,' or, 'I'm leaving,' or, 'I don't wanna do this.' That absolutely did not happen."

But Stormy did say that she was threatened after she provided a tabloid interview about her sexual relationship with Trump, causing her to keep her mouth shut about the affair.

However, when Trump began his run for president, his personal lawyer, Michael Cohen, randomly offered Stormy $130,000 and a non-disclosure agreement to continue to keep her lips sealed.

Stormy had no qualms over the deal at the time.

"I was just excited that like, f--- yes, no one's gonna know, this is perfect."

But when she was offered another deal in January telling her to state that she had never had sex with Trump, Stormy decided that was enough.

To address people who believe she is lying about her relationship with the president, Stormy said,

"If I was going to lie about having sex with someone famous - Brad Pitt, here we go. I would pick somebody way less embarrassing than Donald Trump. Are you kidding? Now no man is ever gonna wanna date me. I'd have at least picked somebody cool."

While Ms. Daniel's regret about her statements about the president's body is admirable, people think her words deserve a free pass.

It's not shaming when he's not ashamed for grabbing women by the pussy.

H/T: HuffPost, 9News, The Guardian

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