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Owners Had To Give Their Stinky Dog A Bath—And His Reaction Is Everything 😂

Owners Had To Give Their Stinky Dog A Bath—And His Reaction Is Everything 😂

Dogs don't seem to understand the reason behind their baths. Everything is fine and fun, when suddenly, with absolutely no provocation, their human is picking them up and forcing them into the bathtub. Why is this happening? The dog was bothering no one, rolling around in the dirt, minding its own business! If you were a dog, you'd be pretty annoyed too.

In a video posted on the YouTube channel The Adventures of Tonka the Malamute AKA WaterWolf, Tonka the Alaskan Malamute is pretty sore at his human for making him get a bath. He refuses to make eye contact, and when he does, it's only long enough to let out an accusatory howl.

Of course, Tonka probably didn't care that he was "starting to smell like dirty Fritos." His human tried to reason with him to no avail:

Are you ignoring me? You needed a bath. You were dirty and you jumped in the pool. Tonka look at me, you have to have baths sometimes. When you get dirty and you smell like dirty Fritos, and you jump in the pool, that means you have to take a bath. Don't be mad at me.

At least, the owner offered, Tonka is clean now!

I'm sorry you're mad at me, but now you're clean. Aren't you happy you're clean now?

Tonka was unfazed.

Twitter was right there with you, Tonka.

And Tonka isn't the only dog out there that feels betrayed...

Does anyone here speak dog? They need to know it's for their own good.

There's really no need to hold a grudge.

Apologies to Tonka and all of dog kind. We humans are just trying to help, but we understand if you hate us now.

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