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Spider-Man Stunt Goes Completely Off The Rails After Animatronic Spidey Crashes Into Building At Disney Park

Spider-Man Stunt Goes Completely Off The Rails After Animatronic Spidey Crashes Into Building At Disney Park
  • Disney's Avengers Campus in California hasn't even been open for two weeks and we've already got a melodramatic Spider-Man death and resurrection.

So on brand.

The shocking Spidey demise happened during a run of one of the campus's stunt shows. When this particular stunt goes right, the animatronic bot swings from his web, does a some flippy Spidey stuff, and lands on top of the building.

It's a really cool bit of tech that leaves guests wow-ed every time it happens.

So remember how we said "when" this particular stunt goes right... ?

Thursday was not one of those whens.

Instead of the bot swinging from his web, doing some flippy Spidey stuff, and landing on top of the building, it did

Well ... this.

The guests were certainly still wowed, just maybe not in the way Disney intended.

Fox News 11 was able to confirm the veracity of the footage—a similar incident was faked a while back, but nope this one's genuine—and that the show was back up and running as normal later in the day, so we know Spidey-bot had a miraculous resurrection just like Spider-Man did in Avengers.

That makes us feel a little bit better about how hard we laughed when he came crashing down through the building.

Also, Twitter made us feel better because they laughed just as hard as we did.

Spider-Man fans loved pointing out how this sort of thing actually kind of works for the Peter Parker character.

Spidey fails are so Peter Parker that the park worked the characters awkwardness into the design.

If you listen to the clip, you can hear the voice actor ask for airbags. When the animatronic senses that it's going to fail, it switches scripts to incorporate that failure into the show.

The failure, in essence, was a total success!

We've never failed anything quite this dramatically, but honestly we're kind of inspired here.

Next time we're about to mess something up we'll lean into the awkward with a snarky quip about it, make sure to crash in a ridiculous and gasp-inducing way for maximum entertainment, then go take a nap and try again a few hours later.

It's the Spider-Man way.