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Winter Olympics: Snowboarder Chloe Kim Tweets Craving—While Competing

It wasn't the gold Kim was dreaming of—it was cookies and cream.

Winter Olympics: Snowboarder Chloe Kim Tweets Craving—While Competing
Photo by Cameron Spencer/Getty Images

They say teenagers are bottomless pits of hunger, able to pile it in and an hour later ask for more. But imagine if your teenager were say, an Olympic athlete? Working up an appetite by snowboarding in subzero temperatures and landing frontside 1080s in the women's halfpipe? You might expect that a teen like that could be a little preoccupied with fueling up.

Which is why no one is harshing Olympian, Chloe Kim for the mildly food obsessed tweets she's been sending. But as adorably understandable as they've been (she tweeted about churros a few days ago and breakfast sandwiches yesterday morning) the tweet that took the cake was the one she made about ice creamright in the middle of a qualifying round for her debut at the 2018 Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang!

It took one astute Twitter user to point out that Kim was mid-competition:

And Kim had the best answer ever:

The Official NBC Olympics Twitter account decided to have some fun picking flavors for our young snowboarding champ:

Kim was a good sport:

Many were inspired by her ability to balance ice cream cravings with qualifying competitions seamlessly:

Others wanted to reward her performance by satisfying her cravings:

And while the rest of us would have such a huge case of nerves that food would be out of the question, Kim was thinking longingly about the other half of her breakfast sandwich—moments before winning the gold:

But that's because, as Kim noted earlier at the games, the right snack can help soothe those pesky nerves:

Expect churros sales everywhere to go through the roof!