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Video Of Another Sesame Place Character Knocking Down Young Black Girl Sparks Further Backlash

Video Of Another Sesame Place Character Knocking Down Young Black Girl Sparks Further Backlash

As the public grows outraged at Sesame Place, the Sesame Street based theme park, after a video of one of their characters subbed two Black girls. Since then, the public has come forward with more evidence of employees being cruel to children at the park.

The initial clip that was shared depicted showed two little girls getting snubbed by the character Rosita. The video went viral, with celebrities sharing the clip.

It may have been a mistake, but that didn’t stop people from finding more examples.

Including one where a character knocks over a small Black girl.

In the video above, a purple character aggressively approaches a child. As they get closer, they extend their arms and move into the child, knocking them over.

It goes very quick, but looks very intentional. Filmmaker Matthew A. Cherry shared the video to Twitter, where other people were shocked by what they saw.

The comments couldn’t believe it.

Sesame place had apologized for the original incident with Rosita, and explained that performers sometimes have problems seeing out of the costumes. However, with the new video, it’s difficult to see that as an explanation.

The purple character comes charging right out, and aggressively moves into the child’s space. There has been no explanation given at this time for the character’s actions.

However Sesame Place might be a little busy with the other videos coming out. The above video wasn’t the only one that people started sharing.

Entire threads of new videos showing characters at Sesame Place snubbing Black children were shared.

The apology from Sesame Place was not accepted by the family of the two Black girls snubbed by Rosita. They don’t want to sue the company, and say this isn’t about money, but they want to see real change.

They don’t believe the excuse that the performer couldn’t see, and claim to have more video evidence. To that end, they want a genuine apology for what they say truly happened.