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A Barrage Of Metal Balls Were Spilled Down A Seattle Street, Damaging Several Cars

Sometimes that's just how it rolls, you know?

(Warning: there's going to be A LOT of terrible jokes in this story.)

Seattle is dodging balls to the face (lol) like Amber in Clueless after a semi-truck lost its cargo, sending hundreds of industrial-size metal balls (lolol) cascading down a street, smacking into six cars in the process.

Jokes aside, the videos look kind of scary! I mean, what are you supposed to do when there are just industrial-weight balls flying at you from every direction and you're not even in a gay bar when you're just driving down the street?!

Harrowing, truly.

However, there is an upside to all of this, and it's this copy from KIRO 7 News in Seattle:

"Loses its load" is a VERY interesting choice of words (even I had the wherewithal to use "cargo" for god's sake), and if you need me I will be giggling at my own ball jokes like a 12-year-old for the rest of the day.

Anyway, back to the news. Here's what happened, according to KIRO 7 News: the truck driver missed a turn, so his GPS re-routed him, which in my experience is nearly always a disaster.

True to form, the GPS led him to a steep hill that caused the giant sacks of balls (LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL) to shift and break through the door, spilling down the street.

As the driver told KOMO News' Patrick Quinn, "I'm looking back and then I see all these balls and I said "Holy S***!" and this joke is just too easy so I'll just leave it here.

Also, this car sort of backing up, but not really knowing what to do, and then then stopping and resigning to forces beyond its control is just extremely relatable energy in 2018.

Anyway, let's get to the real point here, which is obviously all the ball jokes peole made on Twitter!

Last time i lost my load i had a

You gotta have balls made of steel to be driving through

And there were some other good--non-ball-related--jokes too:

Thankfully, nobody was injured. But the poor driver was given a ticket, and fined $136 dollars. And his load cargo had to be carted away to some kind of city lot instead of its destination, so if you thought your day at work was going poorly, don't get your balls all in a knot buck up!

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