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Screen Time is here and people are shocked by how long they spend on their phone

Users can't quite believe the amount of time spent on their iPhones.

Apple’s new Screen Time feature on iOS 12 is shocking users by revealing the exact amount of time they are spending on their phones and the apps they use most.

iPhone and iPad owners who updated to the latest operating system last week have been looking at their first full weekly report, which provides users with eye-opening data on the number of times they pick their phones up and a breakdown of the types of apps they use more frequently.

Users have taken to Twitter, sharing a mixture of embarrassment and enlightenment from their results:

However, others have admitted that the new feature has proved useful:

Screen Time is part of Apple’s increased focus on digital health, with the intention of helping users improve time management on their phones.

People are able to set self-imposed time limits, while also helping parents set restrictions for the apps children can use and the duration they spend on them.

iOS 12 is available on all iPhone and iPad devices from the iPhone 5S and iPad Air onwards.