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Actor Sam Neill's Videos Of His Barnyard Byplay Charm His Fans

Actor Sam Neill's Videos Of His Barnyard Byplay Charm His Fans
Jeff Vespa/WireImage/Getty Images

Actor Sam Neill delighted social media users with videos of a duck among other members of his menagerie.

The Jurassic Park actor, who owns a vineyard in New Zealand, posted to Twitter a clip of his duck Charlie swimming towards him and being met with a barrier of ice.

Charlie, who has become a regular character in Neill's social media posts, then surprises the actor by taking to the skies and flying over the ice to the shore.

While the sight of a duck flying may not be completely out of the ordinary, the manoeuvre from Charlie clearly left Neill astonished as it had been years since she flew.

“Nobody knew you could fly," Neill can be heard saying in surprise.

“You haven't flown for years. Good girl."

Neill's Twitter followers have kept up to date with his friendship with Charlie the duck in a series of posts over the last few years.

In a post earlier this year he was heard telling Charlie “you're such a pretty duck", while back in 2017 he posted a picture of himself giving the bird a massage.

He also shared the unveiling of a surprise for Charlie.

Neill is clearly an animal lover.

Angelica the pig also makes frequent appearances on Neill's Twitter account.

Plus goats...

...and sheep...

...and chickens...

...and horses...

...and cows...

...and dogs...

...and a cat that is not even his.

Neill's byplay on his videos is a big part of their charm.

We all love an animal lover and if they're a handsome actor with a lovely voice?

Even better.