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Sally Field Is Playing Matchmaker for Her Son & Olympian Adam Rippon

Sally Field Is Playing Matchmaker for Her Son & Olympian Adam Rippon
(Harry How/Getty Images, Jeffrey Mayer/WireImage)

Sally Field's son, director and writer Sam Greisman, has a crush of Olympian proportions. So when he sought some advice from his mom after revealing that the object of his affection was American figure skater Adam Rippon, the Oscar-winning actress was all for it.

"Sam...he's insanely pretty. Find a way," she wrote in a text that Greisman later screenshot and posted on Twitter by blurring the identity of his crush.

"Just some really helpful advice from my mom on how to deal with my Olympic crush," wrote the Hollywood scion – who's quite toothsome, himself.

But the affable actress isn't one to rest on her laurels, especially when it comes to her son's happiness.

A momma's love.Giphy

Moments after she offered her sage advice to act on his impulses, Field took it upon herself to reach out to the Olympic bronze medalist and forward him her private text messages.

Now that the word was out, all Greisman could do was let the universe do what it will with the information. "Yikes," he said.

People lauded Field's gusto. This user wished his own mother was as actively engaged with his own love life.

Modesty is for the birds. Grab that brass ring. Gather ye rosebuds, etc.

Something has begun as a result of Field's matchmaking prowess.

When crushes become inspirational.

Twitter is anticipating a love story to unfold.

The openly gay athlete is a vocal critic of the current administration and said prior to his arrival at the Winter Olympics that he would pass on the Team U.S.A. trip to visit the White House and have words with vice president Mike Pence, "The same Mike Pence who funded gay conversion therapy."

After winning the bronze in the team skate competition, NBC offered Rippon to stay in PyeongChang for the remainder of the games as a correspondent.

The 28-year-old athlete is high in demand. Will he respond to Field's invitation of a meet and greet with her smitten son?

And the world waits.

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