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People Ask Public For Help Identifying 'Bungling' Robbers Who Stole Over $26k In Jewelry Store Raid

Met Police/PA

Police have issued an urgent appeal for help to catch two “bungling" robbers as a third was convicted of snatching more than £20,000 (over $26,000 USD) of jewelry.

Andrew Elliott, 32, and two unidentified men were captured on CCTV as they ransacked trays of gold rings and earrings at Ital Gold jewelry shop in North London, in April of last year.

A lone female shop assistant was grabbed and thrown on the floor before the robbers managed to escape after briefly finding themselves trapped behind a security door.

Elliott was arrested after police identified him from a distinctive tattoo on his neck which read “I still stand strong." He pleaded guilty to the jewelry robbery and appeared to be sentenced on Thursday.

Andrew Elliott court case Andrew Elliott was identified by police by his distinctive neck tattoo (Met Police/PA)

Detective Inspector Paul Ridley called on the public to help identify the other two outstanding culprits.

“This was a callous robbery targeting a lone female. Although haphazard and bungling in their approach, they were still able to secure tens of thousands of pounds worth of jewelry," he said. “I'm delighted we were able to identify and convict Elliott. However, this case is far from over. I would urgently request that any members of the public who recognize the two remaining outstanding suspects come forward to my investigation team."

Andrew Elliott court case The unidentified man referred to as 'suspect one' in the Ital Gold jewelry robbery (Met Police/PA)

The court heard how Elliott and his two accomplices had struck while shop assistant Valentina Ivanova was alone in the Green Lanes store.

Ivanova was put into a headlock and thrown to the ground, suffering a head injury. She managed to break free, press the panic button and lock herself into the staff toilet as the robbers grabbed jewelry and attempted to run out of a security door.

Prosecutor Tayo Hassan said the defendant and a man referred to as suspect three “panicked" as they tried to open the door when they found themselves briefly locked in.

“Eventually the defendant and suspect three kicked in the door to try to escape but suspect one managed to open the door," she said.

The pair ran out and the door locked behind them, leaving another man trapped, the court heard.

He banged on the door and eventually a member of the public, who knew nothing of what had happened, opened the door to let him out.

Hassan told the court the robbers made off with more than £20,000 (~$26,000) of gold jewelry, causing £5,000 (~$6,500) of damage.

Afterwards, Ivanova said she felt “scared and shocked" and more nervous of dealing with customers.

Andrew Elliott court case Andrew Elliott was identified by police by his distinctive neck tattoo (Met Police/PA)

During the robbery, Elliott disguised a tattoo on his cheek by wearing sunglasses, the court heard.

He was on parole at the time of the jewelry shop raid and had previous convictions for four other robberies.

In mitigation, Jide Lanlehin said Elliott had not engaged in any of the violence and was concentrated only on grabbing the jewelry and getting out.

Judge Mark Dennis adjourned sentence until Friday afternoon for more information about the defendant's background.