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Protests Erupt At D.C. Gay Bar After Security Guard Was Filmed Dragging Black Woman By Her Hair

Protests Erupt At D.C. Gay Bar After Security Guard Was Filmed Dragging Black Woman By Her Hair
@mccanttammy/Instagram; @JohnHenryWUSA/Twitter

A viral video revealed a security guard at Nellie's Sports Bar, a gay bar in Washington D.C., dragging a Black woman down the stairs by her hair, resulting in a fight amongst patrons and security.

Now, the community is protesting the bar to hold both Nellie's Sports Bar and their security guards accountable for their actions.

The viral video was originally posted on @mccanttammy's Instagram with 13 thousand views. It was then reposted to the Black Lives Matter DC Instagram account and now has over 70 thousand views.

The woman, Keisha Young, was seen being forcibly removed from the bar by security.

Since then, people in D.C. have protested outside the bar calling them out for their treatment of Young.

They chanted "Justice for Keisha" as security went in and out of the establishment.

Young told WUSA9 this was all a misunderstanding.

There was an altercation in there."
"They were trying to get some other people out because somebody else brought a bottle in there."
"Somehow I got mixed up in the altercation because I look like somebody else."
"I got hit and dragged down the steps."

Young continued:

"I didn't do nothing wrong, and that's all I remember. First walking up the steps, and then getting dragged right back down the steps."

When asked what she wants to happen to Nellie's she said:

"I want them gone."

NBC Washington reported from a conversation Young had with her lawyer:

"I feel like, even just separating race from it, no man should ever handle a woman in that way. That should never be OK."

Young reportedly left the bar with bruises, dizziness and nausea.

Since this happened, Nellie's Sports Bar released two official statements.

The first statement said:

"We were incredibly upset and disturbed to see the unfortunate event that took place at Nellies last night."
"We are undergoing a full investigation of the situation."
"At Nellie's we foster a safe environment, so events like this are completely unacceptable to us."

The bar then posted a second statement on Instagram.

They announced they are no longer working with the independent security vendor they hired for Pride events and are closed for the week.

All of their non-security staff are still being paid.

People continued to share their support for Keisha online.

One commenter pointed out an incident at Nellie's back in 2018 where they flew the "thin blue line" flag representing law enforcement next to the LGBTQ Pride flag.

Keisha Young now has a GoFundMe set up to cover costs of legal fees, medical bills and therapy.