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Guy's Marriage Gets Annulled After His Ex Crashes His Wedding And Reveals To His Bride That She's Pregnant With His Baby

Guy's Marriage Gets Annulled After His Ex Crashes His Wedding And Reveals To His Bride That She's Pregnant With His Baby
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One man managed the impossible—leave an old marriage, remain on good terms with his ex-wife and coast into a new marriage drama free.

He was at the finish line, the day of his second wedding when it all came tumbling down just hours after saying, "I do."

The tale of wedding calamity comes courtesy of Reddit's "Am I the A**hole (AITA)" thread. The story was posted by a woman who's former husband was finalizing his second marriage.

She, aptly named "wedding_crasher24" on the site, positions herself as no mastermind with schemes to destroy her ex-husband's second big day. The circumstances—at least as she describes them—appear more like the product of one thing leading to another.

In sharing the anecdote, she's quick to begin her story by assuring that she did not act alone.

"My ex's wedding was in February. And like you could guess, I wasn't personally invited nor was I told anything about it from him even though we spoke daily."
"Well I found out about it from his grandmother (we're close) and she suggested I 'gate crash' and that she would cover for me (think she doesn't like the bride)."
"I was interested in going because I wanted to find some closure since we had broken up rather quickly a few months before and I still wasn't over him. So I said yes."

The alliance has been formed.

Next came the big move.

"The day came and his grandmother 'snuck' me in and we watched the ceremony. It was beautiful. I shed a few tears but it really solidified things."
"I was ready to leave afterwards but his grandmother pushed me to go to the reception as well and sit next to her at the family table. Pretty awkward but I went."

Surprisingly, things were totally fine up until that point.

But when it came time for polite greetings, a new discovery was made.

Things took a turn.

"I was still mingling with the family, standing up, when the bride and groom came. They came and greeted and she congratulated me on the pregnancy."
"I thanked her and said something about how I couldn't wait to co-parent with the two of them."
"Turns out that she didn't know that I was pregnant (5 months at the time) with his child the whole time. She lost her sh*t and ran out. He tried to run after her but then her dad came and started a scene."
"Lucky for me, my ex's brother came and helped get me out of there as soon as possible."

Some time after the botched event, she received word that the drama lead to very real ramifications for the newlyweds.

But some mixed messages left her confused enough to ask for some internet advice.

"My ex still asks for updates but I recently heard from his grandmother they broke up and got an annulment. The 'bride' weirdly still follows me and comments/likes my pictures so I think she's fine with me but still, AITA?"

Most Redditors did not see her as innocently as the story she tells.

They felt moral guilt rested on all sides.

The acronym "ESH" (Everyone Sucks Here) was a common sight in the comment thread.

"ESH except his bride."
"You for crashing the wedding, his grandmother for convincing you to crash the wedding, and him for keeping a child a secret from his bride."
"I'm glad she got out of that marriage because you all sound dramatic and hard to be around." -- PineValentine
"ESH - grandma is a trouble maker, he should have told his fiancé and you knew damn well what you were doing." -- CraazyMike
"Wow, that poor bride. How devastating for her." -- GarlicBread1987
"A**holes! A**holes everywhere!" -- BKStephens

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Other comments were completely overwhelmed by the details of the story.

They simply couldn't believe what they were hearing.

"I'm having trouble believing this level of trashiness could be real...." -- whateverrughe
"Imma need to know, are you a mistress or did he seriously get this girl to marry him within 5 months of breaking up with you???" -- tenorikuma7

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"If you were 5 months pregnant, did they meet, get engaged, and marry within 5 months?" -- what_is_the_deal
"What did you expect was gonna happen by sneaking into that wedding??" -- DrVerryBerry

And finally, some comments were more aggressive with their criticisms.

They didn't even offer the benefit of lumping the narrator in with multiple bad actors.

These responses launched hot takes at her and her only.

"You ruined a wedding. These people on reddit are nice to you because you're pregnant."
"Unless I didn't read the part you said he wasn't going to support your unborn child, then you're actually pretty evil for ruining their day because you're not over him. You ruined a relationship because you weren't over him." -- gayinfinitejaguar
"So you're that type of ex huh. Wow." -- minniemica

This situation sheds light on one of the key drawbacks of the "AITA" system of moral education.

What's done is done. No amount of guilt supplied by these comments will bring back the marriage that was annulled.

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