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Pitbull Goes Viral After People Realize She Basically Has A Selfie On Her Ear

Cassidy Troy/PA

A two-year-old pitbull terrier has found online fame because she has a selfie on her ear.

Adopted by Cassidy Troy and Zach Johnson, Lucy was born at an animal shelter in 2017 after her mother was taken in off the streets.

Her new owners quickly spotted the unique markings on her ear, which look like a picture of her face.

Now Lucy, who lives with Cassidy and Zach in Rochester, New York, has her own Instagram and Facebook pages.

Cassidy said:

“I think she definitely enjoys the online fame because it means she gets to meet even more people and make even more friends."
“She is such a model when it comes to taking pictures – every time I pull out my phone she loves to strike different poses for me."
“She is such a sweetheart, and my boyfriend and I couldn't love her more."
“She loves meeting new people, especially kids, and going on walks and adventures throughout Rochester and the surrounding areas."