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Resurfaced Video Of Pilot's Emotional Goodbye To Passengers On His Final Flight Has TikTok In Tears

Resurfaced Video Of Pilot's Emotional Goodbye To Passengers On His Final Flight Has TikTok In Tears

Last year, video of a commercial pilot's farewell speech before his final flight went viral. The YouTube video—posted by one of his family members—pulled at the heart strings of people across the internet who commended his clear commitment to the work.

Now, over a year since that YouTube video was posted, the same clip has resurfaced on TikTok.

And yes, it went viral all over again.

You can watch the YouTube original here:

In the clip, Delta Captain Conrad addressed the cabin full of passengers with prepared remarks.

He began by putting his career into perspective.

"How many people here were born before 1976?"
"1976... I took my first training flight in the Air Force, at the Air Force Academy in Colorado."
"So 43 years later, and eight different airplanes, and about 10,000-12,000 flights and 25,000 hours of flying, I'm glad to have you here on my last flight."

The passengers all cheered and applauded Conrad's impressive achievement.

He continued with some good news.

"In case you're wondering if we're gonna have a good flight, we are...because I have my wife here and my three kids and my daughter-in-law."
"So this is probably gonna be the safest flight you've ever been on."

Then came the announcement passengers seemed to appreciate most of all.

"My last parting shot before I go out the door, when we land in Detroit, is I'm gonna go ahead and authorize for everyone to have complimentary drinks on the flight."
"If you want something you can just order it and we'll put it on Delta's tab."

People loved Captain Conrad's final farewell.

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A year after the video was posted to YouTube, TikToker lewishowes posted it on his TikTok account, where it once again earned the respect of plenty of viewers.

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When the first video went viral, Captain Conrad was probably a little busy tying up all the loose ends of retirement to enjoy his viral fame.

But he may be able to enjoy this second stint in the spotlight a bit more now that he's fully in retirement mode.