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Piers Morgan Hit With Backlash After Calling LGBTQ-Inclusive Pride Train 'Ridiculous'

Piers Morgan Hit With Backlash After Calling LGBTQ-Inclusive Pride Train 'Ridiculous'
Getty image of Piers Morgan

There's something to be said for the visibility of marginalized people and issues. You may think certain problems are well known enough, but even so; visibility helps people consider the struggle of minority issues.

On August 25, Avanti West Coast, a rail company in the United Kingdom, unveiled a redesign for one of their train cars, nicknamed the Pride Train.

It features a new rainbow paint job and the word "PRIDE" written in negative white space. The train will also be staffed with an all-LGBT+ crew and have educational resources about inclusion and Pride related resources.

Information about the train was reported online.

To many the train seems harmless enough.

To many others, it's an incredibly helpful way to show support for the LGBT+ community.

And to Piers Morgan, it needs to go a lot further to justify its existence.

Piers Morgan, an English broadcaster and journalist is no stranger to controversy.

This rings especially true when the topic of inclusion comes up. This instance appears to be no exception, so the co-host of Good Morning Britain was quickly educated as to "Why?" this train might be a good idea.

People online were quick to respond.

Even Jo Frost, the titular Super Nanny on the program of the same name, dropped in to promote awareness and inclusion.

This isn't the first time Morgan has been ripped online for sharing bigoted beliefs.

This isn't even the first time this year.

Earlier this year, he was questioned over his lack of support for transgender people. Labour Party member, Lisa Nandy went so far as to call him out for outright mocking trans people.

There's something intimately horrible with the way Piers Morgan speaks his bigoted views with such certainty.

The Pride train will set off on its inaugural run Tuesday, September 1. It will travel from London Euston to Manchester Piccadilly that morning.

Hopefully, the sight of the train will inspire a few people to question their own internal beliefs rather than the support of a marginalized group of people.