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That Photo Of A Black Hole Is Reminding People Of Some Things That Are Definitely Not Black Holes

National Science Foundation, @RaymondArroyo/Twitter

After decades of speculation and CGI renderings, scientists released the first real image of a black hole on Wednesday.

At least that's what they told us it was, but Twitter had some other ideas.

Up until yesterday, the only images we had of black holes were illustrations or computer renderings based on the little we knew about the celestial phenomenons.

Which isn't surprising, because how exactly does one take a picture of an infinitely dense object from which no light can escape?

Well scientists from the Event Horizon Telescope found a way.

On Wednesday members from the EHT team and the National Science Foundation unveiled the first ever recorded image of a black hole.

Using radio telescopes stationed around the world synchronized with an atomic clock the the EHT team gathered trillions of bits of data to form the image of the supermassive black hole at the center of galaxy M87.

It was something no human had ever seen.

So that's what a black hole looks like?


Kinda blurry.

Being used to stylized renderings from NASA and the the pretty pretty lights in movies like Interstellar the somewhat blurry image might not have been what many expected a black hole to look like, but that's what you get with a #nofilter image of an object 54 million light years away.

But the importance of the image wasn't lost on Twitter.

Even if it was a bit...fuzzy.

Twitter being Twitter though, it didn't take long before the solemnity of the moment wore off and people started memeing about what the image actually reminded them of.

In fact some were convinced they had taken the exact same photo before.

Of course with an image that looked like a giant, fiery eyeball in the sky we all knew the one comparison that would eventually have to be made.

Though the images might not match our expectations quite yet, actually seeing a black hole for the first time is a tremendous step forward thanks to those on the EHT team, including Dr. Katie Bouman.

After astronomers gathered 5 petabytes of data on the black hole Dr. Bouman's team turned that data into the historic image we now see.

Let's just hope they turn the auto focus on for the next picture though.

David M. Benett/Dave Benett/Getty Images for The MS Society

Warning: There may be spoilers if you have not watched the series finale of Game of Thrones.

Emilia Clarke wanted to ensure Daenerys Targaryen would nail that war-mongering scene in the final episode of Game of Thrones.

The 32-year-old actress – who portrays Daenerys Stormborn of House Targaryen, the First of Her Name, Queen of the Andals and the First Men, Protector of the Seven Kingdoms, the Mother of Dragons, the Khaleesi of the Great Grass Sea, the Unburnt, the Breaker of Chains (that's one character) – did what was necessary to convincingly portray the chilling moment as she spoke in Dothraki and Valyrian.

Who was her inspiration? Dictators like Adolf Hitler, of course.

Speaking with Variety, Clarke said she had to learn many fake languages for her speeches, but Daenerys's final address for her troops was by far the most challenging.

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A father-of-three whose finger was "ripped clean off" when his wedding ring caught on the top of a fence he was climbing over told how the accident was so incredible his wife thought it was an April Fool's joke.

Warning: The content below is extremely graphic.

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Jeff Kravitz / Contributor Getty Images

Halsey has paid off a fan’s speeding ticket after the woman claimed she was driving too fast because she was enjoying her new single "Nightmare".

Twitter user Francesca claimed she was driving home from Pennsylvania State University when she was stopped for speeding.

“I got pulled over… for the first time ever and when asked why I was going 99 in a 70 I was dangerously close to admitting I was bangin out to Halsey’s new song Nightmare,” she said on social media.

“What’s your Venmo. I’ll pay your ticket. Drive safely please!” Halsey said on Twitter.

The singer’s music video for Nightmare, starring Debbie Harry and Cara Delevingne, was released on May 16, and has already reached over 15.5 million views on YouTube.

The original tweet was liked over 4,000 times, and caught the attention of Halsey herself, who transferred Francesca 250 US dollars for the ticket.

Needless to say the interaction has gotten quite a lot of attention. We all stan a queen that supports her fans as much as they support her.

Once the receipt had been paid, Francesca said she “will never forget your kindness and will continue blasting your music forever (just at a safer speed). I’ve never been more grateful or felt less deserving.”

Twitter Casey McCormick

A woman in New York has been praised by police for alerting them to a possible suicide attempt after she mistook a closed umbrella for a person wearing a "Handmaid's Tale" costume. Casey McCormick tweeted she thought she saw “a woman dressed as a handmaid about to jump from a building” and called 911.

The sighting turned out to be a table umbrella which, from a distance, looked much like a handmaid from the seminal Margaret Atwood novel "The Handmaid’s Tale".

The New York Police Department’s news account made it clear on Twitter that McCormick had done the right thing in alerting the authorities.

“Blessed be the umbrella. Thank you Casey and the @POPSUGAR team for alerting us to this crime, glad we could save the day,” they tweeted. “Jokes aside, if you’re ever hesitant about calling 911 – don’t be! We take all calls seriously, and worse case we get to go home with a great story.”

“Better safe than sorry!” one Twitter user replied.


Actress Jada Pinkett Smith opened up about her addiction to porn before starting a relationship with current husband Will Smith.

The conversation centered on the subject of pornography and its affect on relationships on Monday's episode of Red Table Talks on Facebook.

The discussion began backstage with her daughter Willow and mother Adrienne Banfield Norris when Smith said that 40 million people watch porn on a daily basis.

"Back in the day I had a little porn addiction," the 47-year-old admitted, but emphasized, "I wasn't in a relationship when I had a porn addiction, believe it or not, thank goodness."

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Who does James Corden call when he's lost in Las Vegas at the beginning of his most recent installment of Carpool Karaoke?Well, who else but Grammy, Oscar, and Felix Award winning singer Céline Dion joined James Corden for his most recent edition of Carpool Karaoke and they gave fans a finale to remember.line Dion!

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