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Woman With 'Phobia' Of Michael Jackson Sobs In Viral TikTok As Impersonator Performs Behind Her

Woman With 'Phobia' Of Michael Jackson Sobs In Viral TikTok As Impersonator Performs Behind Her

Some people are terrified of spiders. Others may have a major fear of heights.

While everyone has a phobia–whether they like to admit it or not–their unique fears are justifiable and should be spared judgment.

However, one woman's legitimate fear of pop icon Michael Jackson has the internet completely dumbfounded.

A TikTok video of a woman sitting at a bar with a Michael Jackson impersonator dancing behind her has gone viral.

Ruby Marriott had no idea her night out at a bar in the Mediterranean resort town of Ayia Napa on the southeast coast of Cyprus would turn into a living nightmare.

Because unfortunately for her, she saw a sight that almost stopped her heart.

You see, Marriott is truly terrified of the late King of Pop.

And when she saw the impersonator of the 15-time Grammy Award-winning artist busting out his signature moves to, appropriately, "Thriller" on the dance floor she became paralyzed with fear.

She tried to scream, but terror took the sound before she made it.

Marriott's sister, Mace, filmed the moment and posted it on TikTok with the caption:

“Our first night in Ayia Napa took a turn for the worse."

In the text overlay, she added:

"My sister has a phobia of Michael Jackson”

In the clip, Marriott is seen crying with a look of fear in her eyes in what is otherwise a joyous scene.

Those who appear to be members of her family consoled her as Marriott kept her back to the performer, who was inches away and executing all of Jackson's famous moves to a tee–including the iconic swivel kick and spin.

In addition to his physical agility, the impersonator was also a dead ringer for the star–who was outfitted in a red leather jacket and black trousers with white socks.

People tried their best not to make fun of her but couldn't resist commenting with jokes referencing many of Michael Jackson's chart-topping hits.





The clip found its way onto Twitter and gained even more traction with over 42K likes and 2,869 retweets as of this writing.

But among many who teased her, other social media users thought her phobia was completely understandable.


Well, at least she isn't alone.