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A Small Town In The Philippines Wants To Fine People For Gossiping—And That's Just The Beginning

Westend61 via Getty Images

Haven't you ever wished people would stop gossiping?

Well, you may be in luck.

Now a town in the Philippines wants to end gossiping forever and ever.

In fact, seven towns.

According to ABS*CBN News:

"Seven villages in the town of Binalonan, Pangasinan are now strictly implementing an anti-tsismis (gossip) and anti-ingay (noise) policy."

Anybody found in violation of the ban will be required to pay a fine of P300 for the first offense, P500 for the second offense, and P1,000 for the third offense.

"Rumors start conflicts. Rumors don't bring any good at all," Barangay Captain Danilo Tabucol Sr. said.

That means no more ridiculous bottomless brunches.

However, the definition of gossip is still unclear, according to PhilStar Global.

"The draft barangay ordinance just mentioned it wants to regulate gossiping because it breeds community disunity, while not operationalizing the parameters of the violation."

So, who knows, you could get fined for this:

But this isn't the only new law coming up in the area.

In a nearby town called Holy Ghost Proper, officials want to:

"eliminate unsightly underwear hung by residents to dry, not for anything else but in the name of good taste for this tourist-drawing city, they said."

So your underpants on clothes-lines?


The new laws have yet to be put in place and await a vote from their respective city councils.

So gossips, get it out of your system now.