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People Share The Worst Thing They've Ever Come Home To

Not in my house!

People Share The Worst Thing They've Ever Come Home To

Home is a sanctuary. It is the place where we are all entitled to enter and all that ails us just fades away because the outside world is a dark place. And it's our haven, our time in our safe space that keeps us sane. However, this is too often not the case. Home can be a place of turmoil and grief. Sometimes what is on the other side of the front door can be daunting and a life changing experience.

Redditor u/Cyan26 wanted to know what unknowns were creeping behind closed doors by asking... What's the worse thing you've come home to?



One day I came home and all of my mother's stuff was gone, along with my mother. She moved out without telling anyone but my dad. Pretty crappy. lizard-boyo

Unfortunately this happened to me a few weeks ago. I get a snap from my brother that my dad just disappeared. I didn't even get a phone call that he was leaving. I haven't seen him since August when I left for college. I honestly would have hugged a lot harder if I knew that'd be the last time. SammyDBella

You give me Fever... 

I was 13 and came home from school. My mother was walking around the house naked and delirious. Randomly picking objects up and dropping them. Calling me by a name that wasn't mine. I called 911 and a neighbor.

She had a fever of 104. It was bacterial meningitis. She was in a medically induced coma after that, required brain surgery and then months of antibiotics. She had amnesia after that and was never really the same. maikakun

Life is Hard....

My dad had cancer and we were taking care of him for almost a year. I went away to my cousins birthday party for the weekend and came back to him almost dead. I appreciate that my mom didn't want to ruin my weekend but i never would have forgiven myself if i missed his passing. amakurt

I love you puppy... 

My Brothers (20 and 22) and I (20M) came home from college for winter break. The next day my mom wakes me up asking if I planned on going with the rest of the family to put my childhood dog (13F) down. She had told everyone weeks before that this was going to happen when we got home for break... but forgot to tell me. FreshAnteater6

Power Down....


I go to turn on the light and...nothing. The electricity is off. Go to the electricity box outside and turn it on and go back inside: house has been cleared out of all valuable things. I hear a whirring sound and realize it's the old VCR video tape rewinder rewinding the video tape I put in it in the morning as I left home with my baby son. And then it dawns on me: that tape only takes about 3 minutes to rewind... The burglars must have turned off the electricity seconds after I left home with my baby in the morning. They were watching me leave from inside the garden..... growing_up_slowly

The Locusts! 

I left home one morning and noticed a handful of fruit flies buzzing around the kitchen. Thought nothing of it, figured I'd buy some traps later. Came home to hundreds of them, everywhere, along the walls and ceilings in every room. Literally ran down the street to a Rite Aid and bought all the bug spray and traps they had. JadedAdhesiveness

X does NOT mark the spot! 

Dog had had surgery on both paws. Husband decided after a few days that he trusted him without the cone of shame. Arrived home to find bits of white cotton scattered down the hall. Followed them to find the living room floor covered in blood and the dog in his bed with a paw swollen to twice its usual size after he'd shredded the bandages and ripped out his stitches. Worst treasure hunt ever. PinkPrimate

Spring has Come... 

8 billion baby praying mantis in my house. Over the fall, my daughter went out into the woods and collected every praying mantis cocoon she could find and put them in a shoebox in her bedroom. They all hatched in the early spring while we were visiting my parents for the day... damatas

Fur in the Wind.... 

When I was around 7, I came home from a family weekend away, I walked into my room towards my cove. I had this hanging chain that you put your beanie babies on. As I passed it, it seemed like there was a bunch of dust particles in the air around me.

I started moving my hands in front of my face as if to push the dust particles from blocking my view... that was when I realized.

These were not dust particles, but rather hundreds upon hundreds of tiny baby spiders. While we were gone tons of eggs hatched and I was walking in all of them hanging from the ceiling on web strings.

I immediately ran screaming into the shower and refused to go back in for days after my dad killed them all. That was the end of me having beanie babies, time to grow up.

Whether or not the spider laid the eggs on the beanie babies, or they came from within.. I was taking no chances. My dad said that was the epicenter and he could see tons crawling on them as if their "fur" was blowing in the wind.jigglypuffpufff

Nobody puts kitty in the corner!


Came home from visiting my wife's family over Christmas break. She had asked a friend to come by and feed our cats, and the friend agreed. When we got back home, there was no food or water in any of the cat bowls, and one of our cats was sitting in the corner foaming at the mouth. This cat was a terror and never just "sat in the corner" so we knew something was wrong. We took him to the emergency vet where the vet said he was severely dehydrated. Unfortunately he had some sort of brain damage and we had to put him down.

When we confronted the friend she said she went by every day, we have determined that to be a lie.

RIP Ace. iBoxTurtles

So Sorry....

Bodies of my husband and son after a murder suicide. I will never forget the silence that shouldn't have been there, and seeing their shoes still by the doorway. OhNoesTehTadpoles

Training Day...

I used to share a room with my sister and she has serious hygiene issues. She would walk around naked during her period and just drip blood freely around the room. She's also too lazy to even walk to the trash can, so she'd throw trash on the floor... including used tampons.

I stepped on one once. It was squishy and it stank. She also had fungus growing in between her folds, but she kept using my towels because she was too lazy to get her own towels & lay naked on my bed when her bed was too full of leftover food. I kept getting all sorts of infections.

My parents are traditional Asian parents so they insisted this was good "training" for marriage. My husband says he's offended they had such a low opinion of him. thrwawaytimee

2 Weeks Notice...

My ex sitting in the living room. "The kid let me in. I got no where else to go. It will just be 2 weeks I promise. I'll pay you."

Edit to add the rest of the story. I let him stay. The two weeks turned into months. My girls loved having Daddy around and I had a free sitter. I had gone back to college so basically I went out and partied a lot after my night classes. It was my chance to be carefree for once. And nothing happened between us. He moved out and moved on eventually.HolySmokeyPants

No Roommate Wanted!


I have a terrible roommate. I love her as a friend, but living with her is hell. I've never seen anyone so dirty or absolutely mindless about the amount of filth and noise they create.

Came home one Wednesday evening to;

  1. Fridge left wide open
  2. Every cupboard door in the kitchen left open
  3. Stove left on
  4. Cooking items left out/overall huge mess in kitchen
  5. House in general disarray/her stuff strewn everywhere


6. Her having loud sex with a rando, who left a condom in the toilet of the shared bathroom.

I'm moving out in January. facefullofsoul

Poor puppy.

Came home after grueling college enrollment, my pup (3 months that time, saved her from a puppy mill) started having seizures and barely breathing. With only 2 hours left before the vet closes, I took the bus and prayed for the vet to be open. They had a surgery, which delayed their closing. Was able to come 5mins before closing time. She is alive and kicking and at the age of 6 years. jayLbait

The Collapse...

Coming home just wanting to collapse in bed and cuddle my girlfriend of two years before she had to leave for another 5 days, only to be told that she didn't love me anymore and that she was moving out when I walked in. Devastating. sux4u

Hands Up! 

Blood on my mailbox with several rifle shell casings scattered about near the mailbox. One of my known thief neighbors got shot 12 times in front of the mailbox, and proceeded to walk home a quarter mile away and tell his mom to call 911. He lived. Eventually, the shooter died in a situation of "suicide by cop" when he pulled a gun on the SWAT team that visited. twopacktuesday

Poo Juice?

In high school I was always the first person home in the afternoon, so it was my job to take care of our family's miniature dachshund. She was crated during the day, which was normally fine. But one day...

One day she had horrible explosive diarrhea. By the looks of it, not more than an hour or so before I got home. Plenty of time for her to panic and thrash around in it, but not nearly enough time for it to dry up.

The tray of her crate was covered in it. She was covered in it. The floor and walls surrounding her crate had littered pock marks of poo juice.

I felt so bad for her. I brought her and the crate outside and lightly hosed her off. By the time my mom got home I was giving the dog a bath (for which she seemed very grateful) and the crap covered crate was still baking in the front yard sun. InsignificantBadger


After learning the oil & gas company shut down after four years of my employment. I got home at 10:30am. Both my neighbor and the Leasing Office manager were outside, or happen to be outside watching me carry my "office/desk box." Inquiries were immediate. "Hey, insert name, why are you home so early? What is in that box?"

Then I learned the generator was hit by "mean birds" and was out of service. That means, all the groceries I just bought were sitting in the fridge and I had no job, with the added bonus of no electricity. The power didn't "turn on" until later the next morning. I knew this was a sign of twists and turns to come, and boy have they! Tang2726

Not my Towels....


One of our bathrooms has a shower with a rim that is like 2 inches above the drain. The sewer outside got clogged it backed up in that shower and over that edge and was almost about to reach my carpet. I had to use all my towels and old clothes to absorb the mess and had to run out buy mops and buckets and clean up until plumber arrived.meta_uprising

Home is where the heart is... or where the horror is. Anything to share?