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People Are Sharing The Most Ridiculous Work Experience Tasks They've Been Assigned, And There Are Some Real Winners

Adam Angelides/Getty Images; @MattRedmore/Twitter

Work experience, internships and volunteering can be good stepping stones to begin a career, but some assigned tasks during this time can be a little odd.

Twitter users have been confessing the “ridiculous" and “horrible" tasks they have been asked to do during their time at work experience, and some might sound familiar.

Journalist Katie Grant kicked off the conversation with her own account of being very excited to pick up dry cleaning on work experience.

She asked Twitter users: “What is the most cliched/ridiculous/horrible task you were assigned when you were on work experience?"

Social media users did not disappoint, with plenty of anecdotes from their own stints of work experience, from the mundane to the bizarre.

1. This painful task.

2. A strong workaround of a broken computer.

3. Work experience might involve some unglamorous trips.

4. There are a few obstacles to complete some tasks.

5. This picky eater.

6. There might be some upsetting tasks at work experience.

7. This disappointing experience.

8. Lastly, a great task for anyone who loves organization.