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Paris Hilton Hit With Backlash For Continuing To Vacation In Maui Amid Devastating Wildfires

The reality TV star was photographed strolling along the beach with her husband and son days after the deadly wildfires despite authorities telling tourists to leave the island.

Paris Hilton
Adam Berry/Getty Images for iHeartMedia

Paris Hilton is being slammed online after she was photographed strolling along the beach in Maui amid the wildfires that have claimed more than 100 lives so far.

The reality TV star arrived in Maui the day before the Hawaii Tourism Authority asked tourists to leave the island.

Hilton was then snapped frolicking on the beach with her husband and son several days later less than 30 miles from the devastation and only five miles from an active fire.

Daily Mail reported:

"Hilton was pictured at a resort in Wailea, only 30 miles from the devastated town of Lahaina, as the death toll rose to 96, making the disaster the worst wildfire in the United States in 100 years."
"A smaller fire, in south Maui’s Kihei area, was still burning on Sunday, only five miles from her vacation spot."
"The 42-year-old heiress arrived on the island on Tuesday with her husband Carter Reum and eight-month-old Phoenix – the same day the wildfires ravaged the historic town of Lahaina and burnt it to the ground."

Many on social media shared their dismay that the heiress is on vacation staging photoshoots while people nearby are losing everything, several noting her disconnect from reality.

Viewers of the photos, however, were also not surprised.

However, after the backlash, a source claimed to Fox News that Hilton actually stayed on the island to help her uncle whose restaurant burned down, saying:

"It was initially a planned family trip, and she has been traveling to Maui since she was born. She has many friends and family there, and it’s a second home for her."
"Her uncle’s restaurant in Lahaina burned down, so they decided to shorten their trip and go to see their family and help where they could."
"When they arrived, they gathered supplies, donated to the local shelters and people in need and made significant contributions."

Though the wildfires have now been reported as 100% contained, more than 1,300 people are still missing—and as of August 13, non-essential travel to West Maui is strongly discouraged.

Other areas of the island remain open, but the Hawaii Tourism Authority noted:

"We urge visitors to be especially mindful and respectful in our island home as our community continues through this tragedy."