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Woman Nearly Breaks Up Her Parents' Marriage After Using Her Mom's Phone Number To Start A New Tinder Account

Woman Nearly Breaks Up Her Parents' Marriage After Using Her Mom's Phone Number To Start A New Tinder Account
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Some of us would do anything for love, even if that means borrowing someone else's phone number to set up a Tinder account.

But what would you do if it meant getting that other person in trouble in the process?

One woman, Redditor "throwawaybcbigboy," shared her story on the "Dear Reddit, Today I F**ked Up" (TIFU) subReddit of how she nearly ruined her mother's marriage by borrowing her mom's phone number to set up a Tinder account.

Apparently she had already had a Tinder account before but had been banned for trying to sell pictures of herself.

But being single again, she wanted to get back into the game.

"I got banned from tinder a few years ago for selling feet pics (oops) but was recently single and wanted to get back in the game. After deciding other dating apps were a little too wholesome for me, I decided to go for Tinder."

But her idea of how to get back on Tinder wasn't the best plan in the world.

"I needed a phone number that wasn't blocked, so I used my mom's and then called her and got the code. I figured, she's like 60 and probably doesn't even know what a dating app is, so no harm, no foul right?"

Her plan definitely came back to haunt all of them.

"Today we're all sitting at the table getting ready to eat breakfast and my step dad comes out and sits down. He's calm as can be as he butters his toast. He glances up from his paper and says to all of us, 'I am packing my things and leaving this afternoon.'"
"I almost spit out my orange juice. My brothers start crying. Mom is sputtering, trying to figure out what is going on."
"She keeps asking why, and he pulls out a literal printed page from the google search results of 'what is tinder'. He hands it to my mom. She doesn't even know what is going on at this point, she doesn't remember giving me the code months ago."

And her family surely will never look at her quite the same way ever again.

"I grab the paper from her and read it, and realize where I f**ked up. I turn to my step dad and let him know, frantically, that it was me."
"He asks why in the world I would need to use her phone to make the account. I scroll through my phone, find an album of different angles of my FEET, and explain to him."
"He was thoroughly disgusted, and went back to their room through almost tears of laughter. I don't think he's still leaving but my family will never look at me the same again."

The subReddit was equally amused over the story, imagining what it must have been like to have to tell her family about her Tinder ban to save a marriage.

And of course, there were jokes about her feet and how she'll have to cover them up around her family from now on.

"Your family will never look at your feet the same again. You should avoid wearing flip flops, sandals or open toed shoes going forward" - 238manufactured
"Time to become the Cool Sock Dude (TM)" - icky_stuff_is_icky
"Start charging your family every time they look at your feet" - residentfriendly
"If you're good at something, never do it for free." - yes_its_him

As humiliating as that surely was, at least she can say she did the right thing and took the blame in time to save her mother's marriage.

Whether she'll need to dress her feet more "appropriately" around her family from now on, that's anybody's guess.

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