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'Orgasm Activist' Claims She Tripled Her Income As A Real Estate Agent Thanks To Her Sexual Energy

'Orgasm Activist' Claims She Tripled Her Income As A Real Estate Agent Thanks To Her Sexual Energy
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A high-end estate agent turned sex toy reviewer says she has tripled her income by becoming an 'orgasm activist' – harnessing the power of her climaxes to do everything from clear her debts to buying her dream home.

Venus O'Hara, who comes from Manchester, England but now lives in the Spanish city of Barcelona, uses a technique called 'sexual transmutation' – which involves harnessing sexual energy to achieve higher goals – and make her dreams come true.

Currently single, she has tested more than 500 sex toys since 2014 after she stopped selling luxury property, and is now determined to help other women to use self-love to turn their plans into reality.

How to Feel Good Naked - My Orgasmic Lifestyle by Venus O'

Venus, who never reveals either her age or her income, said:

“I have an orgasmic lifestyle. Every day is a climax.“Every single orgasm I've had since March 2018 has had an intention behind it."
“Having read Napoleon Hill's book Think and Grow Rich, I discovered sexual transmutation, which is the process of converting sexual energy into a higher goal."

Venus O'Hara PA Real Life/Collect

“Sexual energy is the most helpful energy you can have. Until now it has been repressed by religion and dumbed down by porn, which has not helped us to use it in a constructive way."

She continued:

“But it can be harnessed through meditation and visualisation."
“For example, if I want something, I imagine what it feels and looks like and to make that desire stronger, I stimulate myself. I will be really thinking about the intention. It takes me 45 minutes each day and it has completely changed my life."

Venus O'Hara PA Real Life/Collect

Using the 'orgasm method' to get ahead, Venus has achieved a lifestyle beyond her wildest dreams.

She continued:

“I have actually manifested having the apartment I want and have managed to triple my income, because it has changed my mindset."
“I would imagine my bank statement going up and then I actually started to get a lot more work after that. I have cleared all my debts. Imagining phoning someone to pay the debts off really focuses the mind on achieving it."

Venus continued:

“I write a list of everything I want. I create affirmations and all the things I'm wishing for are coming true. Mindset is really important when it comes to success."
“Now I want to use this sacred, sexual energy and helping women to explore themselves."

Venus moved to Barcelona 17 years ago and, after quitting her job in property, since 2014 she has been reviewing sex toys for a living, as well as designing her own, and writing sex columns for publications such as GQ and El Pais.

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The rest of her income comes through her blog, her YouTube channel, affiliate marketing and sponsored reviews.

She has also written three books – collaborating on a beginner's guide to BDSM (Bondage and Discipline, Dominance and Submission, Sadism and Masochism), a sexual vocabulary book called English for Perverts and an erotic memoir, The Mask of Venus.

Venus said:

“Back in 2009, after the financial crash, I was working in luxury real estate on a commission-only basis, with no salary."

Venus O'Hara PA Real Life/Collect

She recalled:

“I would be showing people these amazing properties from Monday to Friday and sometimes not making a single euro, or going home to an empty fridge."
“I was burned out from working so hard and saw that a lot of my clients were doing online businesses, which I wanted to do, too."
“Now I've adopted a 'no alarm' lifestyle. I wake up naturally and take time to make myself a leisurely breakfast, which is all part of living an orgasmic lifestyle."

She said:

“I'm a vegan and I post my breakfast on my Instagram account, along with a sex toy, as a way of normalising sex toys and veganism, to take the shame out of two controversial topics."
“I work four hours a day and I'm so much more productive that way. I eat a healthy diet, I exercise every day and I work in a co-working space with like-minded people. I meditate and don't drink alcohol. I'm very conscious of living well and living authentically."
“I have a holistic approach to self-love and having an orgasm is part of it. I want to encourage people to have more self-love, more regular spa treatments and massages – to take care of themselves."

Venus O'Hara PA Real Life/Collect

Admitting she has always been a sexual person and climaxes 10 times a week, Venus explained she had an “orgasm revolution" after starting her own blog 10 years ago.

“Orgasms have so many benefits."
“An orgasm is the same as having half a paracetamol. It can give you two hours of pain relief. I use it to relieve period cramps and as insomnia relief. It is a muscle relaxant."
“We have been led to believe men rather than women are the ones with high libidos, but it is not true. The clitoris has 8,000 nerve endings. It is the only sexual organ designed just for pleasure."

She added:

For women it can be like having a Ferrari, but not knowing how to start the engine. We are told time and time again that women cannot really orgasm, which is a lie society has encouraged us to believe."
“I started to write a lot about masturbation and how empowering it was for you to be in control of your own pleasure and to connect with yourself. If you are more self-sufficient when it comes to pleasure, you make much better emotional decisions and you are not going on Tinder looking for validation."
“It is like going to the supermarket when you are hungry or well fed. You will make different decisions."

Venus O'Hara PA Real Life/Collect

“I have always been a sexual person, but not promiscuous. I have been concerned with having really good quality sex with someone even if it is not very often."
“I started learning about tantra and different approaches, and that changed how I see orgasms. I now use them as part of a meditative process."

Explaining how her ideas have developed, Venus cited the Laws of Attraction theory – the ability to attract into our lives whatever we are thinking about by using the power of the mind to make them materialize into reality.

Venus, who is now 'orgasmically independent' believes this is possible using sexual energy.

“I'm just bringing ideas together in a new way, using visualisation and sexual transmutation."
“I want to write a book on it."

Venus O'Hara PA Real Life/Collect

Venus continued:

“I used to do four reviews of sex toys a month, and since I started harnessing the power of my sexual energy, that has gone up to 12."
“As well as with the affiliate marketing, which makes me money even while I sleep, I've managed to triple my income."

Having tested more than 500 sex toys, she is also keen to show women there is something suitable out there for everyone.

“I want to show women there are lots of different sex toys out there. I want to bring them to a new demographic."
“People make a lot of assumptions and put sex into one big category. I would never film myself using a sex toy. I'm not trying to cater to the male gaze. I put reviews on my website having tested them a few times."
“It's changed my perspective on what makes a good sex toy – the shape, the texture etc. They are all important."

But Venus admits she has had a mixed reaction to what she does and has even lost friends because of it.

She said:

“The reaction I have from people is mixed. I meet people who really open up to me and feel like they can tell me their sexual secrets, perhaps if they are having an affair or have never had an orgasm. That makes me feel really flattered."
“I have lost some friends but I'm glad they are not in my life anymore."

Venus O'Hara PA Real Life/Collect

She said:

“It would be people who would ask me to introduce myself to others and lie about what I do, or who'd project their sexual repression on to me."
“I believe life is too short and you should be able to be yourself around people. I don't think there is anything wrong with what I do. I have a good positive message for people."

While Venus is happily single for now, she is not ruling out a relationship in the future.

Venus O'Hara PA Real Life/Collect

“At first, I could only have orgasms with a boyfriend and it was not until my late 20s that I was able to orgasm on my own and not rely on a partner."
“Before I was orgasmically independent, I might have been more likely to choose a boyfriend who was good in bed, but toxic for me."
“I'm not ruling out having a relationship in the future. I believe anything is possible and based on the Laws of Attraction if you want it enough it will happen."
“If the right person comes along who loves and respects me for who I am then great, but if not I'll be fine."

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