'Moulin Rouge! The Musical' Star Aaron Tveit Singing 'Come What May' Has Us Very Excited

(Moulin Rouge! the Musical/YouTube)

In anticipation of Moulin Rouge! the Musical making its pre-Broadway premiere in Boston, a video of leading man Aaron Tveit singing the amorous ode "Come What May" was released to whet our appetite.

Tveit, who captured hearts in Grease Live! and Catch Me If You Can on Broadway, will be playing the role of Christian originated by Ewan McGregor in the 2001 film.

The teaser clip was directed by Ezra Hurwitz and features a lovesick Tveit wandering the elaborate corridors of an empty theater as he pours his heart into the original song from the movie. His exquisite voice fills the spaces of the theater as rose petals and powdered snow flakes float down from the rafters.

For even more dramatic effect, a fog rolls across the back of the empty mezzanine section as he sings "But I love you. Until the end of time." Nothing could be sweeter.

Tony Award winner Karen Olivo known for her stunning turn as Maria in the Broadway revival of West Side Story will be playing Satine, the courtesan originally portrayed on screen by Nicole Kidman.

Danny Burstein will play lively host and club owner Harold, originally portrayed by Jim Broadbent. Robyn Hurder will play the alluring dancer from the club, while Tam Mutu joins them as the malicious Duke of Monroth.

Moulin Rouge! The Musical will debut at the Emerson Colonial Theatre in Boston from June 27 through Aug. 5, 2018 before hitting Broadway in the fall.

If the video is any indication, the musical stage adaptation will be a "spectacular spectacular" that will dazzle audiences and break hearts. Get tickets now while you still can can can!

The dashing leading man is making Twitter swoon over his performance in the dreamy video.

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