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Teacher Under Investigation After Telling Students Fetuses Turn Gay When They're 'Unwanted In Parents' Womb'

Teacher Under Investigation After Telling Students Fetuses Turn Gay When They're 'Unwanted In Parents' Womb'
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Following several complaints from past students, Kim Johnson, a teacher at Illinois' Morton High School is currently under investigation for years of derogatory statements.

Former student, Maya Phan told WMBD news that Johnson would use her "American Problems" class as a platform to frequently express her racist, misogynistic, homophobic and transphobic views.

"She proceeded to ask if I was gay in front of the entire class."
"She told me that she would be OK with me being stopped in an airport for no reason, just because of the way that I looked"
"She warned a boy to be careful at a college party because girls like to cry rape."

Phan is one of three students who have now filed complaints against Johnson, who no longer teaches the "American Problems" class, but is still employed at Morton High School as a part-time French teacher.

Another student, who wished to remain anonymous, revealed that Johnson said that if children were gay, it was because they were unwanted when conceived, and would always counter a student's argument as an opportunity to espouse her ignorant rhetoric.

"I remember comments being made like, if you were gay that was because you were unwanted in your parents' womb."
"Every time I left the classroom I was shaking and nervous."

Andrew Irwin, who was one of Johnson's students as far back as 2009, also claimed that she would frequently go off on homophobic tangents, often using her religious beliefs as justification.

"Kim Johnson shared with our class that she thought being gay was a choice."
"It was at that time that it became clear to me that there wasn't going to be a lot of productive learning going on in that classroom."

"She was incapable, from what I could tell, of separating her responsibilities as an educator with her religious beliefs."

Irwin went on to say that Johnson would also occasionally make students physically uncomfortable by sitting on their desks and hugging them.

The complaints against Johnson come at a very trying time for Morton High School, which has recently been met with protestors crying for a more diverse, safe environment within the school, with calls to fire Johnson, as well as school board member Bart Rinkenberger

Rinkenberger reportedly left a transphobic comment to a post urging people to defy Governor J.B Pritzker's mask mandate, saying:

"Imagine a people so conflicted that they allow a child to decide what gender they want to "be" but won't allow them to decide to wear a mask or no."

As news of Johnson's horrific behavior in her classroom became more apparent on social media, Twitter users were quick to express their disgust.

Superintendent Jeffrey Hill released a statement following the allegations:

"We are aware of the allegations which are currently under investigation."
"Due to the ongoing nature of the investigation and the fact that this involves a matter involving both student and employee privacy, we cannot provide further comment."

In an earlier meeting Hill had with students and parents to discuss the allegations against Johnson, Hill reportedly said that no decisions will be made until a thorough and full investigation has been completed.

"As a school district and as an employer, our employees have rights as well, and so we have to do our due diligence as we work through this process."

Johnson has yet to speak publicly in regards to the allegations against her.