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Mom Stunned After School Teaches Her Kids Altered Alphabet Song—And TikTok Is Pissed

Mom Stunned After School Teaches Her Kids Altered Alphabet Song—And TikTok Is Pissed

"Now I know my A-B-Cs, next time won't you sing with me?"

We all remember learning our alphabet with that nice, playful song that managed to make boring letters musical and fun.

But what if I told you that song is now apparently a thing of the past?

A mother on TikTok recently shared that bombshell with a video that has now gone viral. The TikTok community, as it tends to do, has responded by totally freaking out and banding together to commiserate.

TikToker JesssFam shared the big news.

As the opening of her video made clear, she was in a good position to have her ear to the ground on this sort of grade school shakeup.

"You guys I have huge, huge, huge, huge, huge news."
"I have a fifth grader, a fifth grader, a fourth grader, a third grader, a third grader, a first grader, and a preschooler and I just got news that the alphabet song is changing."

She then went on to sing the new version. The differences were subtle, but noticeable.


Just to add to your 2020 🤯😱 because distance learning wasn’t enough!!! @ms_frazzled #abcsong #lmno #wtf #momsoftiktok

TikTokers were appalled they changed the song to remove a very common struggle for so many kids: that "L-M-N-O" section.

Simply put, that section of the song has some serious fans.





Others didn't mention any specifics, but shared their clear emotional outrage.

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Now before anybody panics, it's important to keep in perspective this was only one pre school classroom.

The question, though, is will the new version catch on?

Or will "elemeno" stand the test of time.