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Woman Claims She Got Her Mom Out Of QAnon 'Cult' By Getting Her Addicted To Wordle Instead

Woman Claims She Got Her Mom Out Of QAnon 'Cult' By Getting Her Addicted To Wordle Instead
Robert Nickelsberg/Getty Images; Jakub Porzycki/NurPhoto/Getty Images

Dealing with a family member stuck in a cult can make you feel helpless. What can you do when a loved one is following a dangerous conspiracy theory?

If you’re one Redditor, you figure out how to get your QAnon mother addicted to Wordle.

And it seems to have worked pretty well.

The original Reddit post was made by user JoParkerBear. She explained her methodology to the QAnonCasualties subReddit.

On the QAnonCasualties board, people commiserate over losing their friends and family to the QAnon conspiracy theory.

JoParkerBear explained:

“Interesting development: I introduced my mom to Wordle recently, almost against her will as she was far too busy watching conspiracy videos and chatting on telegram. Now she spends as much as 2 to 3 hours per day playing bootleg Wordle on another site that lets you play as much as you like.”
“I’m not even joking.”
“Plus, she has to discuss Wordle issues with me multiple times per day, which has made her more social and less isolated. She’s always texting me to brag on a score or express frustration. Sometimes she asks me to help her when she’s stuck.”
“Anyway… Wordle™️: share it with the QAnon cult member in your life 💫”

And if the comments are to be believed, this is an amazing development.

“wow, that’s fantastic! i’m sure it could work with any other game too, depending on interests” - pinko-perchik
“Brilliant! Conspiracies are an outlet and addiction. One usually can’t abandon addictions without a different coping mechanism.”
“I seriously applaud you!” - cuicksilver
“Maybe FarmVille held off the conspiracy theorists for a while. We should have thanked it instead of scorned it.” - JetKeel
“This is great! I remember reading (possibly on here?) that someone's Q mom got obsessed with Korean dramas and that made her quit Q.”
“Just shows how many people turn to Q because they need something in their life to obsess over. My Q used to have all kinds of interests like writing songs, playing instruments, etc, doesn't do any of that anymore.”
“I keep trying to encourage him, but he 'doesn't have time' (too busy on bitchute/rumble)” - Pupniko

The QAnon conspiracy theory believes that former president Donald Trump is locked in some secret war with an evil cabal within the government.

Depending on how far down the rabbit hole you go, you’ll find everything from child sex trafficking to a super drug that keeps the rich youthful to literal human sacrifice to a demon.

Any effort that results in fewer QAnon cult members is a welcome one.

However, some were a little skeptical of the method, as the creator of Wordle has sold the game to the New York Times.

While the newspaper has said the game will remain free for now, they do plan to put it behind a paywall at some point soon.

So it might be best to find something else to get the Q follower addicted to if you need to try this.