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Model Shocked After Company Uses Her Likeness To Create A Sex Doll Without Her Consent

Israeli model Yael Cohen Aris opened up to 'This Morning' after a company in China that makes sex dolls stole her likeness.

Sex doll; Yael Cohen Aris
This Morning/YouTube

Israeli model Yael Cohen Aris was shocked when one of her Instagram followers alerted her that her likeness was used to create a sex doll.

Aris said that the company responsible for the doll—which has the same beauty mark on its face and, um, name (!) as the model—used her social media identity for their creation.

Last year, Aris posted a plea for help on Instagram.

She said:

"A sex doll named 'Yael' is being manufactured and sold to all over the world, by many sellers based in different countries."
"The name of the doll is not a coincidence, it was developed from me, it was connected to my identity and carries my image."
"And if that's not enough—my own photos, videos and social media links were attached in a forum before, during and after the doll's company revealed the doll."

Aris finished the post:

"I want to bring this bizarre story to an end and solve this as soon as possible."
"Please, if you know anything or anyone who could maybe help me, let me know."

Aris told Holly Willoughby and Philip Schofield on This Morning the company never got her consent.

Schofield said:

"Legally, we're supposed to say it's alleged it looks like you, but it's a bit blatant because they use photos and videos from your Instagram account to sell the thing. It's even got your name!"

Willoughby chimed in:

"This really does come down to consent. This is your identity that's being taken away, and that's a sex doll, so how does that feel seeing that?"

Aris replied:

"It's double wrong because it's connected to my identity. It's not just a doll that looks like me - they never hid the fact it's a doll from me."

A clip of the interview is included in Aris' Instagram post, but you can also watch the full segment below.

'I've Been Turned Into A Sex Doll Without My Consent' | This

Fans of the model commented with their support, stating they hope she is successful in her quest for justice.









Aris chose to look on the bright side of the situation, telling Willoughby and Schofield:

"They did it without my consent, they use it for commercial use, it's a sex doll—all these crazy things—but it does mean people find me attractive, so I guess I chose to see it as flattering."

She finished:

"Everybody likes to feel attractive."
"They just took me—a random girl from Israel."