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Miley Cyrus Celebrated 'Hannah Montana' Premiering 13 Years Ago With An Adorable Throwback Photo

It's been 13 years since Hannah Montana premiered on the Disney Channel, catapulting Miley Cyrus into the public consciousness and jumpstarting her music career. To mark the anniversary, Cyrus posted a photo of herself on Twitter leaving Nashville to go film the pilot episode, titled "Lilly, Do You Want to Know a Secret?"

The show, which followed the dual life of Miley Stewart and her pop star alter-ego Hannah Montana, was a giant hit for the Disney Channel and proved to be instrumental in turning Cyrus into the worldwide phenomenon she is today.

Fans indulged themselves with a bit of nostalgia in honor of the anniversary!

Many Twitter users couldn't help but feel a bit old after hearing how long it'd been since the show premiered.

Not only was the TV show a success, but Hannah Montana's first three CD's hit #1 on the Billboard hot 100, making Miley Cyrus the youngest ever artist to have a #1 hit song.

Many wanted to see Hannah Montana find a new home on Netflix, which seems unlikely considering the upcoming release of the Disney streaming site.

Fans took this opportunity to look back at some of their favorite moments surrounding the show...

Does anyone else feel like it's time for a revival?

Congrats on the anniversary, Miley. The perfect way to celebrate would probably be to get the old gang back together and, oh, I don't know, film a new episode?