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Michigan Republican Slams Trump As 'Deranged Narcissist' In Savage Resignation Letter From GOP Committee

Michigan Republican Slams Trump As 'Deranged Narcissist' In Savage Resignation Letter From GOP Committee
Tony Daunt/LinkedIn; Drew Angerer/Getty Images

While it may appear the Republican party has become the party of Donald Trump, not all members of the GOP can be counted among the MAGA minions.

In Michigan, prominent Republican up and comer Tony Daunt resigned on April 26 from the GOP's state committee over that Trump devotion.

Daunt stated—in an email to 4th Congressional District Republican Committee chair Judy Rapanos obtained by The Detroit News—that party leaders were turning the 2022 election into a test of "who is most cravenly loyal" to former Republican President Trump.

Daunt served for five years as a member of the Michigan GOP's state committee, helping guide party decisions. But three days after the GOP convention in Grand Rapids, Daunt tendered his immediate resignation.

Calling Trump a deranged narcissist, Daunt claimed "feckless, cowardly party 'leaders' have made the election here in Michigan a test of who is the most cravenly loyal to Donald Trump and re-litigating the results of the 2020 cycle."

Trump lost to Joe Biden in Michigan in 2020. The state's Republicans have been split between those who acknowledged Trump’s loss and those who perpetuate Trump’s Big Lie.

Daunt wrote of Michigan GOP leadership:

"Incredibly, rather than distancing themselves from this undisciplined loser, far too many Republican 'leaders' have decided that encouraging his delusional lies—and, even worse—cynically appeasing him despite knowing they are lies, is the easiest path to ensuring their continued hold on power, general election consequences be damned."

He added:

"Rather than assembling the courage to do the right thing, at the right time, and guide the activist base towards the truth, they’ve repeatedly backed down and dissembled, hoping that just one more act of cowardice will be what does the trick."

Daunt concluded his criticism by stating:

"Whether it’s misguided true belief, cynical cowardice, or just plain old grift and avarice, it’s alosing strategy and I cannot serve on the governing boardof a party that’s too stupid to see that."

While many concurred with Daunt's assessment, some were disheartened to see another Republican who embraced the truth driven out of GOP leadership.

Daunt joins a growing list of Republican party faithful fed up with GOP fealty to Donald Trump.

You can read Daunt's full resignation letter here: