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Tense Video Of Mark Hamill Being Swarmed By Aggressive Autograph Seekers Sparks Outrage

A video captured the 'Star Wars' actor attempting to leave Carrie Fisher's Hollywood Walk of Fame ceremony as a swarm of people shoved things to autograph in his face.

screenshots of Mark Hamill ambushed by autograph seekers

A video of Mark Hamill being ambushed by an autograph-seeking mob sparked quite the heated discourse on social media.

Hamill attended his dear friend and Star Wars sister Carrie Fisher's Hollywood Walk of Fame Ceremony where he gave a heartfelt speech to celebrate and honor the late icon.

But while attempting to leave the event, Hamill was swarmed by an aggressive crowd shoving memorabilia and items to be signed in his face through the window of his vehicle. Hamill signed autographs until he was hit in the head by the aggressive autograph seekers shoving memorabilia through the window into his face.

You can see footage of the incident here:

The entire incident was caught on camera, inciting an uproar from fans.

And while originally the video was perceived as Star Wars fans flocking their beloved Luke Skywalker, it turns out they were just money-hungry online sellers looking to profit from an iconic moment.

...which only outraged fans more.

Hamill himself even retweeted the video, adding the hashtag #TheDownsideOfCelebrity.

Others on social media also expressed their disgust.

Several also praised Hamill for his composure and expressed their dismay he had to endure that madness during such a somber time.

This truly is disgusting and heartbreaking.

Hopefully Hamill was still able to reflect on the celebration of the day.