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Margot Robbie Lost Her Voice And Had Her Husband Read A Speech Revealing Her 'Secret Crush'

The actor lost her voice ahead of 'Variety''s Power of Women dinner, so she had her husband Tom Ackerley read her speech instead—and revealed her crush on Dua Lipa.

Margot Robbie Lost Her Voice And Had Her Husband Read A Speech Revealing Her 'Secret Crush'

Sometimes you have to get your creative partner-slash-husband to step up and do his share. For many people, this might mean helping with the dishes.

For actor Margot Robbie and her husband, Tom Ackerley, this meant that Ackerley had to deliver a speech on Robbie's behalf at the "Variety's Power of Women" dinner. Robbie and Ackerley are co-founders of the production company LuckyChap, which was behind I, Tonya and Saltburn.

Robbie usually takes center stage in public appearances, but on this occasion, she had lost her voice and got Ackerley and fellow co-founder of LuckyChap, Josey McNamara, to give her written speech while she stood nearby.

In the speech, Robbie, most recently known for starring in Greta Gerwig's Barbie movie as the titular character, wrote that her co-founders "use her as a bit of a crutch for these public-facing sort of things," but that this was a time for them to step up.

Ackerley interjected, still reading from the speech, promising to take a larger role in the future, and then confessed a crush on Dua Lipa, on Robbie's behalf.

We know that, so I vow here and now, in front of all these people and Dua Lipa, who I have a secret crush on, to not leave all the speeches to Margot from now on.

People thought that Robbie making her husband give her speech was adorable.

Others were more focused on the lesser-known fact that she's married.

People were a little excited, as Dua Lipa said in a recent interview that Robbie was her crush, as well.

Some pointed out that the phrasing could have meant that Ackerley had the crush, not Robbie.

Others preferred the original interpretation and applauded the joke in Robbie's speech.

Really, who doesn't have a crush on Dua Lipa?

Dua Lipa contributed a song to the Barbie soundtrack, "Dance the Night."