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Man Upsets His Daughter After He Refuses To Babysit His 5-Year-Old Granddaughter Over The Weekend So She Could Go Out And Party

Man Upsets His Daughter After He Refuses To Babysit His 5-Year-Old Granddaughter Over The Weekend So She Could Go Out And Party
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The arrival of the first grandchild is momentous. The space between two generations ideally brings a new version of child-rearing based on spoiling cute kids and avoiding all the serious crap already dealt with the first time around.

It's a wonderful kind of parent-when-it's-convenient situation. Though for one guy on Reddit, that outlook fell on the deaf ears of his daughter. He was forced to lay into her when she pawned the little one off on him so she could go get lit.

The grandpa of this story is relatively young, at 54 years old and as such, is no pushover when it comes to laying down the law with his 25 year-old daughter, the mother of his only grandchild.

"tiredoldman" begins his account of the altercation by describing why his first round of parenting will be his last.

"I raised all of my children myself because their mother was always out galavanting around doing this and that."
"I have 4 kids and 1 granddaughter. I was so happy when all of my kids finally moved out because I finally got to live my own life after years of being nothing but a parent."

But Generation 3 arose 5 years ago, when tiredoldman's first and only grandchild entered the world.

Quickly, the empty nest bliss began to slip.

"My daughter is the only one of my kids who has a child. She is always asking me or her siblings to babysit on the weekends because she wants to go out and party."

While G-Pa has been patient with his daughter, is beginning to feel taken advantage of.

"It was fine at first and we were all more than willing to babysit but it's gotten to the point now where we are all tired and want to do our own things."

And doesn't appreciate the guilt trip his daughter is laying on him.

"My daughter has started to hassle me in particular because I am the 'grandfather'. She says sh*t like "well don't expect me or your granddaughter to take care of you when you are old and need help'. She has guilted me into babysitting many weekends by pulling this sh*t."

But even supportive grandfathers have a breaking point.

"She asked me Monday to watch my granddaughter this weekend again and I said no. I told her that I wanted to lay around my house in peace and quiet so I can drink and do my own thing."
"She pulled out the card where she said 'No one is going to take care of you when you are old' sh*t on me again and I said 'well it's a good thing I have enough money to pay people to take care of me when I'm old and I won't need your charity, b*tch.'"


tiredoldman is, apparently, a shock-value author. The anecdote abruptly ends there. He gives zero explanation of rebuttal, fallout, or triumph. We don't even know if he laid around and drank all weekend like he hoped.

It's a domestic cliff-hanger for the ages.

Reddit responses typically understood his beef, but took issue with that verbal harpoon he launched at his own daughter.

"I seriously hate it when parents call their children names, even if their adults. You calling her a 'b*tch' was your a**hole move but your daughter is definitely in the wrong, no doubt about that." DarthAliyah
"Of course your daughter is being unreasonable and she is the majority a**hole. But between saying your wife was always 'galavanting' and calling your daughter a b*tch, there is some serious resentment here, and at least a hint of sexism." arsenal_kate
"You've enabled her behavior for too long to be all 'no, b*tch' to her. Because of the irrelevant note about her mother, seems like you've got issues regarding her being similar to her mother." muchvalidation

Plenty of comments viewed the anecdote as the tip of a much larger iceberg.

"She's spoiled and entitled and you raised her." sasraeoop
"If this is how you talk to family it's no wonder they weaponize supporting you later on. You're well within your rights to not want to babysit because of a dumb threat like that but come on dude." Adventurous_Goose
"Honestly there sounds like a lot more going on here than babysitting. Original Poster sounds really resentful of his kids and wife." MaggieAnni
"You're an a**hole and you're proud of having raised an a**hole. I'm hoping the granddaughter somehow escapes this family tradition." Absolutelyperfect

Some keyed in on the very precarious nature of grandparents' duty to step in an help out.

"When adult kids live nearby, it's pretty common for grandparents to have strong relationships with their grandchildren and to want to spend time with them. That's a pretty normal and expected part of functional families with adult children/grandchildren."
"Asking you to babysit so frequently that you're exhausted is not good behavior on her part, nor is giving you such a nasty guilt trip. If she's asking for your entire weekend, that's a big deal. If she's asking for one evening a week, that's really not." TragedyPornFamilyVid
"As far as the childcare goes, it's nobody's job but the parents to look after kids. It was their sole decision to have a kid, it's their responsibility."
"Don't let her guilt trip you into doing something you don't want to do, but also it would be nice if you made time for your grandkid (if you don't already). Maybe one day a month where you guys can do something fun and bond?" JanieJazz
"Your reply was great and your grandchild is not your responsibility. It's OK for you to watch it every now and then when you feel like it. But you have no obligation." SchokoladeundWein

And, of course, there was one commenter who said what we were really all thinking.

"No one is going to say how incredible it is that a 54 year old grandpa is on reddit instead of Facebook?" It_Was_Joao

Here's hoping we get an update from tiredoldman on how this one ends.