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Man Texts Wife Unknowing Invoking Voice Recognition Playing Trombone

Man Texts Wife Unknowing Invoking Voice Recognition Playing Trombone

A man going by "Paul The Trombonist" on Twitter shared what happened when he inadvertently texted his wife, oblivious about the voice recognition function being left on, while playing the trombone.

On Tuesday afternoon, an embarassed, but good-humored Paul tweeted, "I accidentally texted my wife with voice recognition...while playing the trombone."

With telecommunication conveniences come great responsibility.

In in age of major technological advances the past few decades have ever seen, it has become dizzying to keep current in this exciting millennium with the endless technological breakthroughs. But a communication snafu like the one Paul experienced is becoming frequent, much to the delight of the Internet.

The delightful tweet was also seen as a cliffhanger.

The unintelligible text reminded one Twitter user of the voices heard in the beloved Peanuts cartoons. With a dirty twist.

Other musicians were inspired to experiment with other instrments, just to see how it would translate on a smartphone.

Plenty were skeptical, however, as Paul's text seemed all too familiar with a little variation.

Instead of being on the recieving end of some sage advice, a father playing the tuba accidently texted his kid a musical phrase through voice recognition.

The comments on Imgur were equally as amusing as on Twitter.

"[s]eems someone found a tuba-translation device. Nice. Who knew tubas were such hard partiers," said one commenter.

Another gave a play-by-play breakdown of the tweets. "I think the dad is practicing scales. 7 woos, up the scale; 8 hoos, from the octave back to one. Similar sounding tones after. 1/2."

But even this tweet from September 2014 wasn't immune from incredulous commenters.

"Why [sic] wouldnt you create this on the ios7 fake text message site instead of this unbelievable crap, this fools no one," ranted another Imgur user.

Cynics were quick in their attempts to expose Paul's tweet as a mere hoax.

Yet others saw the validity of the musical gaffe as an innocent mistake. One user defended Paul with a possible explanation of the contrived appearance of the trombone translation to text.

Well, thanks for trying.

At the end of the day, does it really matter? People still got a good chuckle from the tweet.


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