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PHOTOS: London Cafe Debuts 'Selfieccino'—Face Printed Coffee

PHOTOS: London Cafe Debuts 'Selfieccino'—Face Printed Coffee

Brought to you by the good baristas at The Tea Terrace in House of Fraser, the "selfieccino" is here to ruin both coffee and selfies forever. The London cafe is now serving cappuccinos with customers' faces printed on the milk foam, all for a steep $7.50 (£5.75).

Serving up face printed coffee!

Patrons can send their selfie photo via WhatsApp to the cafe's social media account. The baristas then upload the images to the "Cino" machine, which scans and prints the images. The froth implements a flavorless food coloring, and the whole process takes around 4 minutes.

The Tea Terrace sold over 400 "selfieccinos" in the first 3 days of the new offering. They hope to trademark the term to expand to other locations.

Here are some photos of the new cappuccino trend.

Your face... drinking your face.

Now serving a work of art.

A selfie within a selfie -- the new caffeinated inception!

Testimonials praise the newest coffee craze.

While others of the Twitter-sphere are boggled beyond understanding.

Some of us have just one question on our minds.

The perfect cup of coffee for the narcissist in all of us.

Not the future we wanted, but the future we deserve.

If this is where the world is headed, we want off this planet.

"Nothing says humanity is losing the evolutionary battle quite like drinking your own face..."

Or maybe we all need to just chill out, or warm up, with a bit of caffeinated fun.

But is it worth the price?

Turns out Japan has London beat on this one.

For those of you who want to drink your face in the comfort of their own homes...

There are machines that now exist that will help you take cappuccino art to a whole new level.

Watch this video to see how they make a selfieccino.

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h/t: Grubstreet, Twitter, Instagram