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Lil Nas X Trolls Christians By Claiming He Got Accepted To Liberty U—And Jerry Falwell Jr. Responded

Despite his assurance that 'not everything is a troll,' the rapper's alleged acceptance letter to study 'Christian leadership and Biblical studies' at the conservative Liberty University most certainly is.

Lil Nas X; Jerry Falwell Jr.
Eugene Gologursky/Getty Images for MTV, Shannon Finney/Getty Images

Jerry Falwell Jr. recently responded to Lil Nas X after the out rapper trolled him and conservative Christians by posting a fake acceptance letter from the private evangelical Liberty University.

The university, affiliated with the Southern Baptist Conservatives of Virginia, was co-founded in 1971 by Falwell Jr.'s father, the late Jerry Falwell Sr., who was a televangelist and anti-LGBTQ+ activist.

Nas' latest online stunt is one of several jabs, including his "Save Nas" from the devil webpage and his interactive "Heaven or Hell" game, aimed at hardcore Christians who have repeatedly condemned the "Call Me By Your Name" rapper and accused his songs of being satanic.

“I know Twitter hates me right now but I want y’all to know I’m literally about to go to college for biblical studies in the fall,” the 24-year-old wrote Tuesday on X (formerly Twitter).

He added:

“Not everything is a troll! Anyways IM A STUDENT AGAIN! LETS GOOO.”

Though Nas claimed that not everything he posts is a troll, this was most definitely another one of The King of Clapback's stunts.

The post was accompanied by an alleged acceptance letter from the Liberty University Office of the President claiming that "Montero Hill"–Nas' birth name–will begin "a Dual Concentration in Christian Leadership and Biblical Studies."

The social media platform X later debunked the letter as an "altered image" in a community notes update.

Here is the fake acceptance letter congratulating him.


The accompanying disclaimer indicated that the person who signed the letter, Liberty University President Jerry Falwell, died in 2007 and that the current President of the university was Dondi E. Costin.

Before Costin's tenure began on March 31, 2023, Falwell Jr. succeeded his father as the Liberty University President after his death but resigned in August 2020 amidst an alleged sex scandal.

Falwell Jr. took Nas' religious jab with a grain of salt and suggested there were no hard feelings.

He wrote on X:

"This is the real Jerry Falwell, Pres of Liberty University 2007-2020, and that is my signature."
"I know this is a joke but I wouldn’t have hesitated to sign that letter for you to enroll."
"Don’t believe all the lies that have been told the last 3 yrs! No judgment at LU, only grace!"

People congratulated themselves for discovering on their own that the acceptance letter was not authentic.

Others continued sharing their thoughts.

Gullible users wished him well.

While others let him know they were on to him.

Some users went along with sarcasm.

Some people, however, were not amused.

Nas recently promoted his newest single "J CHRIST" with a photo of him being hoisted on a cross.


He came under fire for the image and was accused of making a mockery of Jesus.

He later responded to the backlash with:

“The crazy thing is nowhere in the picture is a mockery of jesus."
“Jesus’s image is used throughout history in people’s art all over the world. I’m not making fun of s***."
"Yall just gotta stop trying to gatekeep a religion that was here before any of us were even born. stfu.”