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Lenny Kravitz Just Made His TikTok Debut By Rocking His Signature 'Big Scarf' For The Start Of Fall

Ever since he was spotted wearing a comically-oversized scarf back in 2012, Kravitz has been a true harbinger of Autumn—and he brought back the iconic look to mark the first day of Fall 2023.

Lenny Kravitz
Greg Doherty/Getty Images

Lenny Kravitz made his TikTok debut to herald the Fall season with a gargantuan scarf draped around his lean body, and the internet was obsessed with the familiar look all over again.

Back in 2012 when the world wasn't quite as obsessed with social media as it is today, Kravitz rocked the autumn look with a scarf.

Only this was no ordinary scarf.

Kravitz's original scarf was so ginormous that it virtually consumed his entire being the way a blanket would if he were sitting on the couch at home.

His oversized fashion statement instantly went viral and steadily inspired memes making the scarf grow larger and larger.

The singer remarked in a 2018 interview on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon:

"I cannot escape this [scarf].”

Here is a resurfaced photo of him in 2012 rocking the big scarf in a beanie, jeans, and a pair of beige suede leather boots as he walked the streets of NYC.

He confirmed to Fallon that that was the actual size of the scarf as it appeared in the viral photo.

Kravitz added:

"Here’s the thing about the internet, though, that’s the problem."
"That's the size of the scarf, but the scarf keeps getting bigger, and bigger and bigger..."

Which prompted Fallon to present the following photo.

The Tonight Show Featuring Jimmy Fallon/YouTube

So it was only fitting–loosely, of course–that the four-time Grammy winner for Best Male Rock Vocal Performance would reclaim the joke for his very first TikTok video.

His first TikTok clip, posted on Saturday, showed him walking through a park in New York City and declaring:

“Grab your big scarf, it’s the first day of fall."


It’s the first day of fall. #autumn #scarves #LennyKravitz

Many social media users pointed out that Mariah Carey, who is synonymous with the winter season for her 1994 earworm "All I Want For Christmas Is You," could have Winter, while Kravitz can take the Fall.





Others celebrated his TikTok debut.





Who's wearing whom?



Fans on X (formerly Twitter) were also here for the "Big Scarf 2.0."

So long, Summer. Our Fall King has arrived.