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'Law & Order' Spinoff Writer Fired After Posting That He'd 'Light Motherf–kers Up' If They Touched His Property

Craig Gore/Facebook

Law & Order writer Craig Gore has been fired by Dick Wolf himself after posting on Facebook that he'd shoot looters if they touched his property.

Gore's post was quickly shared on social media, with many calling out its tone-deaf nature.

Law And Order's godfather, Dick Wolf, quickly issued a statement saying that Gore would be removed from the spinoff he was currently a part of.

Gore was credited as a producer on the upcoming Law and Order: Organized Crime.

Many hoped that Gore's removal would make room for a writer with more perspective.

Chris Meloni, who works on the show Gore was removed from, claims Gore had few responsibilities during its production.

Gore was also subsequently released by his agency.

People called out Gore's own criminal history.

You know you've messed up when the Wolf comes for you personally.

People appreciated someone being held accountable for their mistakes.

In most cases, crime show writers should remember not to try and imitate the behaviors of their characters. Otherwise, like Mr. Gore, they may soon find themselves out of a job.