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Kyle Ayers Asks Followers to Identify his Brother's 'Pictionary' Drawing

Kyle Ayers Asks Followers to Identify his Brother's 'Pictionary' Drawing

Comedian, writer, and actor Kyle Ayers had his brother etch a Pictionary drawing––and then he challenged his Twitter followers to see if they could decipher it.

The bottom portion of the drawing resembles an Olympics winning announcement ceremony, with something indicating the scales of justice balancing two people for the top half. "First person to guess what my brother was trying to draw in pictionary here gets $1 via venmo," read the caption.


People asked how old Ayers' brother was due to the amateur nature of the sketch.

He’s an adult but he was in a hurry we were on a 30 second timer and also the drawing makes no sense.

Suddenly, the guessing game became a viral thread, and Ayers capitalized on it in the name of charity. The bicoastal comedian offered the lucky guesser one dollar via Venmo.

But for those who came up short of guesses, all hope was not lost––for the correct answer could also be bought. While there will be no answers provided here, the identity of the chicken scratch will come at the cost of two things: a $2 donation to a charity of your choice, and a screenshot as proof of the transaction.


"Ok also if you donate $2 or more to charity and send me a screenshot I will DM you what he was trying to draw," wrote Ayers.

He tweeted again, "I said earlier and it holds, if you donate any money to a charity, send me a screenshot, and I’ll tell you what my brother was trying to draw here."

Since Christmas, donations have numbered past the $5,000 mark.


Donations to various charities came at a frenzied pace.

Among the creative guesses were: "Justice League," "The Civil Rights Act in 1964," "Swing State," "scale new heights," "Christopher Columbus," and "Olympic Snowboarding." Those were not even close. All suggestions were countered with a one-word response from Ayers: "nope."


He eventually commented, "Hahaha I am the guy over here replying 'nope' to the words law and order and justice and playground 700000 times today."

Twitter user "Jess" feared a letdown. She donated twice to different organizations but held off on submitting the screenshots. She wrote, "I'm also afraid the answer will be incredibly disappointing.... so many emotions!" Ayers' response was hardly reassuring. "It surely will be! but it will also be confusing and conclusive," he tweeted back.

He was either extremely generous or desperate for the answer. Or both.

So did anybody guess correctly?

Looks like now's a good a time as any to be charitable because there are no handouts when it comes to this round of Pictionary.

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