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Kirstie Alley Has Eyes Rolling After Heaping Praise On Trump For His 'Recent Decorum, Sincerity, & Care' During Health Crisis

Many have criticized President Donald Trump for his handling of the global pandemic.

On numerous occasions, Trump has mislead the public and spread false information about how serious the virus is and what its effect will be on Americans.

Meanwhile, however, a certain subset of ultra-devoted Trump fans have doubled down on their love of the President.

One such citizen is actress Kirstie Alley.

Alley's tweet praising the President was not received well by many on Twitter.

Others found Alley's solemn thanks a bit hilarious given the White House's well-known mismanagement.

Of course, in the grand scheme of things, an endorsement from Kirstie Alley isn't the kind of political boon that makes a difference.

Alley has been destroying public goodwill for years, but for many this was the last straw.

Many struggled to find a reason to really admire President Trump in the wake of the pandemic.

Perhaps the most concerning thing about Alley's tweet? Trump, the President, retweeted it for all to see.

You'd better do your best to hold on to the fans you have left, Ms. Alley.