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California Man Attempts To Kill Spiders In His Parents' Home Using A Blowtorch—And It Went As Well As You'd Expect 😬🔥

We've all been guilty of small overreactions from time to time, and surely many of those were caused by spiders. If you feel embarrassed about any uncharacteristically high shrieks, or perhaps a rolling-pin shaped dent in your wall, at least there's one man in Fresno, California who can relate. After discovering a black widow spider in his parent's home, he did what any person would do: he went and grabbed a blowtorch.

The man was reportedly house-sitting for his parents when he spotted MULTIPLE spiders at large on the second floor. Apparently, in his zeal, the spider-roaster forgot that the rest of the house is pretty roast-able too. He set to work trying to burn the spiders into the next world, but things quickly got out of hand.

Though no one was injured in the resulting flames, the second floor of the home suffered significant damage.

On Twitter, people took this man's actions as a lesson: you CAN go too far when killing spiders.

But let's be real...we might have done the same thing.

Reports indicate the spider was a black-widow, so his actions were actually completely justified according to the sane people of the world.

Of course, there's one question almost all reporting has failed to answer:

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