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Kellyanne Conway Tweets Claim That Trump Empowers Women

Donald Trump just nominated Kirstjen Nielsen as Department of Homeland Security secretary, and the White House counselor rushed to tweet her congrats. Conway praised Donald Trump's ongoing efforts of empowering women. Unfortunately, the misguided White House aide is up to her usual Bowling Green tricks again because her acknowledgment is simply not true.

Trump's so-called "practice of empowering women to top positions" might as well be fake news.

According to data from American Bridge 21st Century, the Guardian reported that only 80 nominees out of 408 sent to the Senate in top positions were women, and roughly 75% of people on Trump's cabinet are white men.

Twitter was quick to skewer Conway's proud declaration.


Someone was summoned from the depths below to defend Trump.

While others were at a loss for words.


Past indiscretions were unearthed as reminder of how 45 does not empower women.



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