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That Gun-Loving College Student Just Unknowingly Disrespected The Flag In A Pro-Trump Selfie

That Gun-Loving College Student Just Unknowingly Disrespected The Flag In A Pro-Trump Selfie

Kaitlin Bennett is an outspoken Trump supporter and a major proponent for the Second Amendment who challenged Parkland survivor David Hogg to an arm-wrestling match. Now, she can add desecrating the flag to her list of transgressions.

On June 14, the Ohio college student bashed her liberal critics by posting a selfie on the beach where she is seen holding a novelty mug with the words, "Liberal Tears." But her trolling attempt backfired when she got slammed for sitting on an American flag doubling as a beach blanket. Her post was also meant to commemorate President Donald Trump's 72nd birthday,

However, it didn't take long for detractors to rake her over the coals for violating the flag code.

Bennett, the founder of the right-wing group Liberty Hangout, responded to Tyler's tweet:

But others reminded her of her patriotic offense.

Another user took a swipe at the 22-year-old gun rights advocate by imploring her to actually do something more productive than use the symbol of our country as a dirty beach towel.

The rage over her contemptible act is real.

One user compared her to acid-tongued conservative Tomi Lahren, but conceded Bennett still has a ways to go before she attains similar notoriety.

Chapter 1 of Title 4 of the United States flag code is a federal law that outlines the proper care and handling of the U.S. flag. Of note: "The flag should never touch anything beneath it, nor should it have anything placed on it."

However, the penalty for dishonoring the Stars and Stripes on both counts cannot be enforced, according to Title 18.

Bennett is no stranger to kickback. She recently riled social media by tweeting a photo of herself carrying an AR-15 to her graduation.

The general consensus: That she really outdid herself with her recent tweet, and Twitter continues to let her know.

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