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Jordan Peele Humbly Responds To Being Called 'Best Horror Director Of All Time'—And We Love Him Even More

Jordan Peele Humbly Responds To Being Called 'Best Horror Director Of All Time'—And We Love Him Even More
Rodin Eckenroth/FilmMagic/Getty Images

The wild world of social media provides an opportunity for fans to interact with their favorite celebrities. This can be both good and bad depending on exactly what your opinions are.

Webcomic artist, Adam Ellis shared his thoughts about the recent films of former comedian turned horror movie director, Jordan Peele.

To make his point, Ellis shared a screenshot of the Rotten Tomatoes scores for the three films directed by Peele.

In many other situations, this tweet would have passed with maybe a few comments of agreement or disagreement. But this is not a regular situation.

Instead, Peele himself saw the tweet. And as complimentary as it was, Peele couldn’t let it stand.

When it comes to the greatest horror movie director, Peele knows who he’d nominate.

Peele’s praise of John Carpenter, one of the most influential and effective horror directors is not unwarranted. Classic horror movies such as Halloween and The Thing cannot be underrated or dismissed.

This is despite Ellis's own dismissal of John Carpenter's work.

And fans agreed with Peele's humble response.

In addition, Peele has spoken about his influences for his new film, Nope that includes the likes of Steven Spielberg, Alfred Hitchcock, and Paul Thomas Anderson.

He said to Yahoo! Entertainment:

“All these directors that have changed the trajectory of how I think about cinema.”

While many supported Peele’s appreciation for the works of Carpenter and these other directors, Adam Ellis doubled down on his thoughts about Peele. This included saying most of the films made by Carpenter “aren’t great.”

Which commenters couldn’t stand.

In the end, the preference for one director over another is always going to be a subjective experience. Peele’s most recent outing, Nope is a sci-fi horror about two siblings investigating their father’s death while dealing with a possible UFO.