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Jon Voight's Awkward Dance While Accepting An Award From Trump Has People Cringing

Actor and unapologetic Trump supporter Jon Voight made an appearance at the White House this past Thursday, November 21, to receive a National Medal of the Arts.

As awkward as that would have been on its own, the Trump administration couldn't stop there.

In a truly strange turn of events, the White House began to play music from Voight's movie Midnight Cowboy about halfway through the ceremony, at which point the 80-year-old actor stood up and did a small jig for the President.

People online were...confused to say the least.

Voight is famously estranged from his daughter, Angelina Jolie.

Voight's dance was yet another surreal moment in an endlessly surreal Presidency.

Voight himself has been a little bit strange for years now, but this takes things to the next level.

Trump also went out of his way to praise Voight's work in Anaconda.

After doing his dance, Voight received his medal and later accompanied President Trump on Air Force One.

Whatever else happened that night, however, that dance will be the moment no one will be able to forget.

The only reasonable explanation for this behavior?

Please pull yourself together, Jon Voight...or at least learn how to dance.