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Comedian Jim Gaffigan Unloads On Loyal Trump Supporters In Brutal Twitter Rant For The Ages

Comedian Jim Gaffigan Unloads On Loyal Trump Supporters In Brutal Twitter Rant For The Ages
George Pimentel/Getty Images; Committee on Arrangements for the 2020 Republican National Committee via Getty Images

President Trump's speech on the final night of the Republican National Convention was entirely too much for a lot of people—Twitter lit up after the speech's closing with responses that ranged from enraged, to terrified, to disgusted—and many that were all three.

But perhaps no one was more undone by the moment than wholesome, good-natured, rarely political, always affable comedian Jim Gaffigan, who in a rare moment of straight-talking rage, absolutely unloaded his anti-Trump rage in an epic series of tweets.

But Gaffigan's tweets weren't just the usual venting—he took aim directly at Trump's legion of supporters.

During his epic multi-tweet rant, which lasted for nearly an hour, Gaffigan took aim at everyone—from the hypocritical anti-"cancel culture" trolls who would inevitably tell him to shut up about politics and stick to jokes... any of his fellow comedians and entertainment professionals who might be thinking speaking out like Gaffigan did is "career suicide."

Gaffigan even traded in his trademark wholesomeness to lob some pointedly word f-bombs at the President's enablers for their hypocrisy, like Notre Dame football coach Lou Holtz, who gave a speech himself at the RNC last week that denigrated Joe Biden's devout Catholicism because he is pro-choice.

"Fu*k Lou Holtz. Biden is Catholic in name only? Compared to who?"
"How many abortions did trump pay for? How many women has he raped? How many times did pull the sh*t he did in Ukraine."
"Wake up. He's a crook and a con man."

He wrapped up his tweetstorm with a fiery call to action for every Trump voter about the insanity and hypocrisy inherent to the Trump movement.

Elsewhere on Twitter, people were shocked that the situation with Trump is so bad, it made even Jim Gaffigan crack.

No word, of course, if Gaffigan got through to any Trump supporters.