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Jeremy Renner Shows Just How Far He's Come After Accident With Impressive New Workout

The Marvel star shared an Instagram video of his current workout despite his 'damn shattered tibia,' adding that 'the body is miraculous.'

Jeremy Renner
Albert L. Ortega/Getty Images

Marvel actor Jeremy Renner updated fans on his recovery progress following the snowmobile accident that caused him to be airlifted to a hospital after he broke "30 plus bones" on New Year's Day.

His serious injury was due to being rolled over by an "at least 14,330-pound” snow plow while helping family and neighbors dig out their vehicles that were stuck in heavy snow.

The twice Oscar-nominated actor–recently known for playing "Hawkeye" in the MCU–has been sharing his road to recovery online with video clips, including one of his using an anti-gravity treadmill three months after the accident.

His latest video clip was posted on Friday, showing him going through a physical therapy regimen involving controlled shuffles and squats with the assistance of a pulley.

Based on his agility in the video, the outlook for a full recovery looked extremely positive.

He wrote in the caption:

"I’ve decided to push through the pain of progress(this damn shattered tibia) and take the new parts for a tiny test drive."

"The body is miraculous," he said, adding:

"Even though I feel like the Tin Man, needing oil for all my new joints (hips, knees, ankles, tibia etc )."
"Encouraged after this warm up to press on ( don’t tell my PT)."

Here is the clip of a real-life hero pushing himself against all odds.

Impressed fans continued cheering him on.






Out of love, some concerned fans cautioned him not to get too overzealous.





Since his near-death experience, Renner made his first public appearance last month on the red carpet premiere of his new Disney+ series, Rennervations in which he helps renovate used vehicles for underserved communities around the world.

The show wrapped long before Renner suffered from his life-threatening injuries.

He told Variety of his determination to meet the April 12 release date even as he was recovering.

“I look a little beat up right now, but I promise you this show is what’s propelling me to get better and makes me want to get better every day,” he said.
“I set out a goal to be walking this carpet. And here I am enjoying it."
"Otherwise it would have gone to an abyss with no date and lost traction and excitement and I would have been very, very, very frustrated. I’m very excited right now because we’re here.”